A RED wave? (SO what.)


We’re all being told to be patient.  The “red wave” is coming and ALL will be right in America again.

Seriously.    (Seriously?)

Previous Republican majorities failed to even put a dent in ObamaCare or overall government spending. We’re paying more in taxes thanks to a GOP majority.  They may have cut the income tax rate, but we got all kinds of other new taxes.   The party platform has been royally ignored.  All this talk about a ‘Red Wave’ has me thinking about that famous quote from that hag Hillary: “What difference does it make?”


Exactly.  Changing majorities — if the past is any indicator — will only give us a new set of liars and crooks and big spenders controlling the pursestrings. Conservatism is thriving in the real world far outside the Raleigh belt line and the DC beltway.  Though, among the political class, conservatism has been long dead and buried.  The word ‘conservative’ has been re-tooled as a synonym for ‘Republican’, and is only hauled out of storage at campaign time.

Look at the recent record.  The state senate has voted to expand Medicaid — top of the wish list for Democrats.  We already have one of the nation’s most generous Medicaid programs.  It is already rife with fraud and abuse. Providers in neighboring states are exporting their Medicaid cases here.  Those patients will get a lot better Medicaid deal HERE than in their home states.  The beneficiaries of this expansion will likely be all of these ‘refugees’ and illegals flooding our nation.  The hospitals will love it, too.  More money for THEM.

We already told you that Thom Tilli$$$ is working with Chuck Schumer and his caucus to achieve MORE gun control.

All of our US House Republicans — except Dan Bishop and Madison Cawthorn — voted to send $48 billion we DON’T HAVE to Ukraine.  Meanwhile, we have a full-blown disaster at our southern border.

Roy Cooper is still clinging to all of those authoritarian ’emergency’ powers that a GOP-dominated Council of State approved for him pre-COVID.  COVID is now pretty much over.   Neither the CoS nor the legislature are making a move to repeal or limit those ’emergency’ powers.

Do you honestly think giving these GOP “leaders” more votes in their caucus will actually make things better? How revolutionary is it if you take power and do basically the same stuff the other guys did?

I am a big fan of the term ‘creative destruction.’  Pull apart and decimate what you have, then start all over from scratch.  It’s about the only way to save our state and our country.