Part 2: Pronouns, gender-fluidity, and *sensitivity* (Oh my!)

In an earlier post, we gave you some background on DEI and its presence on the Sandhills Community College campus.

Gender Fluidity. DEI is part of the leftist offensive preaching the belief that genders can be changed like your clothing.  People are allowed to choose what they “identify” as.  You can be born male, but believe you are a female.  DEI true-believers want us to believe that you can call yourself a female, just because you believe you are a female.

Efforts are underway to change gender designations on birth certificates and driver licenses. These same arguments are being used to do away with gender segregation in locker rooms and restrooms.

Pronouns. People are even being encouraged to advertise to people the pronouns they prefer to be addressed by. 

(I’ve coached K-12 and college students on grammar and research paper development and composition. Hammering home the message about pronouns and pronoun agreement is already a challenge.  Imagine adding to the mix these new pronoun options being pushed by the gender-fluidity advocates.)

The upper ranks at Sandhills Community College are apparently sold on the idea of gender-fluidity.  A number of faculty and staff members at the college are already advertising their pronoun preferences in their email signatures.  Here are a few examples:


Sensitivity.  Administrators over on the Airport Road campus also circulated a list of “inclusive” and “non-inclusive” language changes to help staff and faculty avoid offending folks playing the “Guess My Pronoun” game: