Part 5: A gay old time !

This is the fifth installment of a series on the implementation of DEI on the Moore County campus of Sandhills Community College.

What would any good educator do without their own personal copy of an LGBTQ+ Inclusivity Guide?

Here’s a copy of the guide distributed by the dean.

We’ve already discussed the, um, *recommendations* for “inclusive language.”

Oh, and here’s a helpful piece on Facing History.  Quite an interesting choice for an educational resource.

Here, the dean is “encouraging” faculty and staff to wear “rainbow colors” to work in honor of “National Coming Out Day.”

And here is some promotion of something called a “Day of Silence”?  Is this honor of fallen veterans or slain cops?  Of course, not.

Up for a movie?  Here the college is promoting an, um, interesting film for Women’s History Month:

A transgender teacher inspiring a girl to lead the male hula team.  (Wait?  Wasn’t “transgender” IDed as “non-inclusive”?)