WHAT did you Say? The Rise of the Word Police.

The woke language police are really outdoing themselves.

Announcer and former quarterback Tony Romo recently got grief from wokesters for daring to utter a syllable  (sounded like “nuh”) that they believed might have been the start of a racist utterance.

The Associated Press recently announced they are banning use of the word “the” in certain cases because it is – they say — “inappropriate” and “offensive.”   This is scary because these people have so much influence over what you see and hear in the news.  (I’m waiting for “THE Associated Press” to  announce its own rebranding.)  

Administrators at Sandhills Community College in Pinehurst disseminated a list of “inappropriate” and “insensitive” words and phrases to its faculty and staff.   (Some of the items on the list are down right laughable.)

In Raleigh, some of the race pimps criticizing some proposed state legislation have declared the term “rioting” as racist.  Daring to even crack down on “rioting,” they explain, is also “racist.”

Seriously — this wokester outlined a number of “racist,” “inappropriate” words and phrases that have long been part of conversational English:

  • Boy
  • Gypped
  • Shyster
  • Uppity

Sadly, she notes that is NOT her complete list.

CNN also has a list:

  • “master” — as in, “master bedroom”
  • “blacklist” — used in IT settings
  • “whitelist” — also used in IT settings