The rise of Speaker Pee Wee

I swear.  You can hear the last gasps of life coming from MAGA and the remnants of the Tea Party.  Our leaders are abandoning ship and surrendering to the swamp faster than you can say ‘Newt Gingrich.’

Here’s the latest:

House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan will cancel the third vote to elect a speaker in the House of Representatives and will back a move to empower House Speaker Pro Tempore Patrick McHenry until January, Fox News Digital has confirmed.

Jordan lost support on the second ballot Wednesday — scoring only 199 votes after getting only 200 in the first ballot.

He needed 217 to become speaker and could afford few Republican defections. Fox News was told he was expected to lose further votes in a ballot on Thursday.


The discussions come as the House of Representatives wades in unchartered territory following Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s ouster earlier this month. McCarthy’s removal was the first in the chamber’s history — and it’s not clear that McHenry’s current powers extend beyond just overseeing the election of the next speaker.

McHenry had said that he had no interest in the role of speaker, but amid heightened tensions in the GOP conference, he has emerged as a consensus candidate that at least some Democrats could agree to.[…]

Congratulations, NCGOP.  You keep fine-tuning your talent for empowering some of society’s least-accomplished, least-impressive individuals and elevating them to great heights of power.  We’ve got Jason Saine and Speaker Timmy in Raleigh.  (We’re falling all over ourselves to put one more in the governor’s office.)

Now, it appears our very own bow-tied little clown will be foisted onto the rest of America (until “further notice.”)

Patrick McHenry has never had a real job.  He has regularly been one of the most liberal – if not the most liberal – member(s) of our state’s delegation to Congress.  He’s boasted about Maxine Waters being his best friend in DC.   As head of the Banking Committee, he’s tolerated the continuing existence of DEI.

But, he has the mark of the (R), and that is ALL, sadly, many people need to see.

In all honesty, what’s so bad about gridlock in the House?  Some of our most recent economic success has occurred during periods where Congress was at loggerheads and in a stalemate.  Certainly, you don’t believe that the boomlet in the 90s was all about the “genius” of Bill and Hillary.

Congratulations, folks. The unprincipled all-about-the-benjamins appropriators who have been clinging to our coattails and mouthing ‘support’ for conservative ideals have succeeded in locking us out of our own House.  We have no influence in our party.  We have no influence in Republican-majority chambers in Raleigh or DC.

We’ve stood there and watched them roll us. And many of us stand there, clapping like seals, as they laugh at us and stroll to the bank with the money they fleeced from us.

We’re now governed by two different clubs — The Rotary v. The Kiwanis or The Corleones v. The Gottis, if you will — sparring over a pile of money extracted from us.  Both sides are into the grift and the abuse of power.  Both sides love spending.  Sometimes to different degrees. Sometimes to varying, competing recipients. The only debate there NOW is how to keep us supplying the cash and the votes but otherwise STAYING THE HELL OUT OF THEIR WAY. 

Start bingeing shows like The Walking Dead, Stephen King’s The Stand, or Jericho.  The scenarios presented there – the plot lines – might soon start becoming all too real.  We’re screwed, people. And we let it all happen.