New maps have Moore, Cotham looking good for congressional runs

Told ya. Told ya. Told ya. 

The drive-bys have noticed how, um, friendly the new congressional district maps released today by the legislature look for state Rep. Tricia Cotham and Speaker Timmy.

Lil’ Tricia’s voters in her overwhelmingly Democrat House district soured on her the day she announced her switch to the GOP.  They’re not taking her back in 2024.  She’s got babies at home and is relatively young. She needs a job.

Initial thinking had her targeting beleaguered NCDPI superintendent Catherine Truitt, a blithering incompetent NOBODY is thrilled about. (Truitt has already drawn a heavy-hitter opponent for the general election.)   Lil’ Tricia once seriously contemplated a run for DPI. 

But then Dan Bishop – a Cotham family friend from the Charlotte area – decided he wanted to come back to Raleigh.  That would mean a GOP-leaning vacancy right awfully close to stately Cotham manor. 

Of course, pastor and former congressional candidate Mark Harris has already announced his run for the vacant 9th district seat.  (He won it once already, right?  Why not?) The GOPe stomped his guts out and screwed him once.  What’s to stop them doing it AGAIN – this time for their gal Tricia? 

It would take quite a bit of gymnastics to sell Cotham to a GOP primary field.  Earlier this year, she voted to codify Roe v. Wade.  She hosted one of Planned Parenthood’s BIG national mucky-mucks at a Charlotte fundraiser.  Civitas regularly ranked her as a good liberal.  And a survey of her Twitter feed sure doesn’t inspire confidence in her cerebral functions. 

The big push for school choice since the ol’ party switch?  That’s for the benefit of the Koch Brothers — who are behind AFP and are reportedly spreading around a lot of money to pols willing to promote choice. 

To no one’s surprise, the legislature has crafted a “new” District 14 – currently occupied by Democrat Jeff Jackson – that looks a lot more R-friendly and include’s Timmy’s Kings Mountain home.  (The tubby little guy has already made it clear he ain’t coming back to Jones Street. )

I don’t know if he should confidently begin measuring for drapes in the Rayburn building or go condo-shopping in Virginia just yet.  I’ve talked with a few campaign pros and BIG money types who tell me that His Royal Tubbiness CAN BE GOTTEN in a congressional primary.  Running for Congress puts you in a much larger, much more treacherous body of water than running for the General Assembly does.

Put-up-or-shut-up time is not until December.  And we’re suuuuuuuure these maps will be taken to court at least once.  So, I think there is a lot of time for a lot more interesting things to happen.