Club For Growth: On Capitol Hill, Bishop best while Tillis one of worst on economy

The Club For Growth is one of the heavy-hitters in Washington politics.  It funds Republican incumbents who demonstrate a passion for fiscal conservatism, while frequently funding opponents for those Republicans who vote too often for increased spending and bigger government. 

The Club has released its 2023 congressional scorecard ranking all 435 House members and 100 Senate members.   An individual score of 100 IDs a pol as an ideal fiscal conservative, while a score of 1 or 0 paints you into commie territory.

The Senate.   Rookie senator Tedd Budd (R) – with a score of 92 — came in tied for 6th place out of 100 total senators.    Thom Tillis, our senior senator, came in 45th place with a score of 51. 

He’s one of the five worst-scoring Republicans in the Senate — coming in ahead of only Susan Collins, Mitch McConnell, Markwayne Mullin, and Lisa Murkowski.

South of our state border, senator Tim Scott came in 8th place out of 100 with a score of 89.  Lindsey Graham comes in at 32nd place with a score of 62.  (So, we share an affliction with The Palmetto State — one good Republican senator, one really bad one.)

Senators Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee led the pack – sharing the #1 ranking — with perfect scores of 100.

The House.  North Carolina’s 14 House members also got their voting records examined by The Club.  Dan Bishop – the current GOP nominee for state attorney general — scored a #1 ranking with a perfect score of 100.

Six of the state’s seven Democrats — Wiley Nickel, Kathy Manning, Jeff Jackson, Alma Adams, Valarie Foushee, and Deborah Ross — all scored a big fat ZERO.   (Don Davis, from District 1, scored 13 out of a possible 100.)

On the GOP side, Greg Murphy scored 73 out of 100 putting him in 112th place.  David Rouzer and Virginia Foxx each scored 66 — ending up in a tie for 139th place.

Richard Hudson scored 70 — ending up in 132nd place.  Patrick McHenry scored 64 and ended up in 169th place.

Chuck Edwards scored 74 and ended with a 103 ranking.