DEI @ UNC : Ban? WHAT Ban?

Applause rang out from across the countryside upon the announcement that the powers-that-be at The University of North Carolina had voted to defund DEI and shift those funds over to security and law enforcement.  Words of concern over that move from UNC president (and NCGOPe apparatchik) Peter Hans should have set off some alarm bells among conservatives.

Despite all the tough talk from all the NCGOP appointees on the UNC boards, the wokeness on the UNC system campuses appears to be rolling right along.

Here’s something special from UNC-Chapel Hill’s Kenan-Flagler School of Business:

Yep.  *The wokeness crowd is quaking in their Birkenstocks over all that tough talk from the UNC board.*  (THIS is who we’re sending out to battle the Chinese for dominance in the world economy?)

And let’s not forget this gem from UNC-Greensboro:


They didn’t say ‘cancelled.’  They said ‘postponed.’  That means it will happen on a later date, and we will be footing the bill.  (In case you didn’t know, ‘Inclusion’ is the I in DEI.)

By now, we should all have learned that Raleigh’s bipartisan governing class doesn’t give one flip about us, our communities, or our way of life.  They care most about the things that result in fat wads of ca$h (FWoC)™ being shoved into their pockets.

So, go ahead.  Keep worshipping that (R) and that (D).  Meanwhile, the scoundrels in Raleigh who hide behind those two letters will continue to ignore you while they vacuum up that illicit cash and keep flushing our state and country down the drain.