McCarthy’s exit, ‘Pee Wee’ McHenry’s elevation, Nancy’s ‘eviction’

I don’t know if you’ve been paying attention, but there has been a wee bit more drama than usual in the halls of Congress.  Kevin McCarthy has become the first speaker of the US House to be removed from power.

Back in January, the party establishment attempted to cram California’s Kevin McCarthy down everyone’s throats.  He had been rejected before.  Ideology never mattered to McCarthy.  He was never known to stand firm on much of anything.  The (R) was all that mattered to him.  And ANYONE can slap an (R) at the end of their name.  Look at Tricia Cotham, for heaven’s sake. 

McCarthy managed to stay afloat and in the game thanks to his ties to all that California money.  He oversaw a game played out at the RNC and in state parties all over the country.  Adopt a platform that is rock-ribbed conservative.  Publish mailers and ads that sound in-line with the platform.  But run like hell from the platform AND the party activists after the election is over.

In January, it took 15 tries to get McCarthy elected speaker.  The stalemate ended when McCarthy pledged commitment to things like, oh, the party platform, serious budgeting vs. continuing resolutions (CRs), an end to Ukraine military aid, and smaller government.  Not long after his swearing-in, McCarthy and his team thumbed their noses at the “deal” that ended the stalemate.

Freedom Caucus ‘troublemakers’ like Marjorie Taylor Greene and Jim Jordan were bought off with committee chairmanships. The ranks of Republicans protesting the violation of the deal were being thinned day-by-day, hour-by-hour.

Matt Gaetz’s move to vacate the speaker’s chair was something Team McCarthy was basically BEGGING FOR with their utter contempt for GOP conservatives.  Never mind that they were told  – way back in January – this day could come if they didn’t honor the agreement.

Some conservatives usually with Gaetz poo-pooed the move — sniffing, whining and moaning about timing.  *Folks were really enjoying their committee chairmanships.*

The Gaetz move needed to have been done months ago. Months ago.  But, better late than never.  You make a deal with someone, who then turns around and spits on you and said deal? A tough response is demanded.

It’s sad that so many people dismiss lying and back-stabbing as just part of the political ‘game.’

Drive-by media and GOPe types are sooooo focused on personalities now.  *WHO is going to get the gavel, now?*  Where is the concern about the fiery hell-pit our country is barreling toward with failing brakes?  

Kicking the can down the road with these CRs gets you nice headlines in the Wall Street Journal and New York Times — therefore keeping your big donors happy.  Meanwhile, our national debt keeps exploding.  Inflation keeps ravaging our economy.  China keeps measuring over here for drapes.

Our in-state drive-bys are beside themselves over Patrick ‘Pee Wee’ McHenry getting the interim speaker post.  Pee Wee has never held a real job.  He’s regularly been THE – or one of THE – most liberal Republican(s) in our state’s congressional delegation. McHenry has even bragged about his close personal and professional relationship with race-baiting marxist Californian Maxine Waters.  He’s good at keeping the government checks flowing smoothly to his district, so he’s mindlessly reelected year after year after year.

Putting ‘Pee Wee’ in charge is like letting the trumpeteer in the Titanic’s orchestra direct the orchestra for a little while.  The ship is still sinking.  

The political chattering class is giggling themselves silly over McHenry’s ‘eviction’ of Nancy Pelosi.  A pure ‘Bread and Circuses’ move if we’ve ever seen one.

Pelosi got evicted from something called a ‘hideaway’ office.  The longest-serving members of the House and Senate get extra hidden offices inside the Capitol structure to hide from the press and their constituents.  They’re also great places to take your extramarital side-piece, or to go get drunk or stoned. McHenry, who’s been in DC for two decades, surely has one of these hideaways.

Senator Helms had a hideaway office when I worked for him.  Most of them are located within the rotunda (domed) section of the Capitol.  If you’ve ever been in the rotunda for a tour, you may have noticed an unmarked elevator off to the side.  A cop is normally standing post near it.  That’s one of the ways to access the ‘hideaway’ offices.  (You can’t get in there unless you are a staffer-with-clearance or a member, or escorted by one.). There are also routes accessible from the high-security hallways leading to the House or Senate chambers from the rotunda.

In the end, Nancy’s eviction means nothing.  It’s like snatching someone’s assigned parking space.  It’s good for a petty jab at someone.  Someone else will get assigned that space, just like someone else will get Nancy’s hideaway.   The eviction is meant to distract the ‘little people’ back home, and give them a giggle, while the GOPe continues with their duplicity.

We’re at an interesting point as conservatives.  Do we stick with the Republicans — whose establishment clearly hates us? (They’re already grumbling about expelling Matt Gaetz for calling this vote on McCarthy.). We’re being hit with the same thing in Raleigh, as well.

We have the power, believe it or not.  If someone asks for your vote promising all kinds of conservative stuff, and doesn’t deliver, FIRE THEM. Treat them like you’d treat a dishonest, lazy employee at your work.

Don’t vote in that race.  Vote for their primary opponent.  Vote for the general election opponent if you have to.

I’d rather have someone who does the exact bad things he promised he’d do – for two years – than to have someone “represent’ me who has hit me with bald-faced lie after lie.

Unemployment sends a hell of a message. Especially to some of these crooks in office.

Thanks to Kevin McCarthy, Thom Tillis, Michael Whatley, Virginia Foxx & co., the (R) means next to nothing.  At one time, it meant a passionate commitment to limited government.   The current crowd loves to campaign as one of us, but really really really doesn’t want to have to deal with us or our ideas.

Matt Gaetz actually did us a favor. Let’s see if the (R)s recognize that.