If you stand for NOTHING, you’ll fall for ANYTHING.

In Raleigh, we have elected officials who are more frightened of Tim Moore and Phil Berger than they are of their own voters.  In DC, we have Republicans willing to go right along with the deficit spending orgy to provide a shiny new HQ for an FBI that has been weaponized against their party’s base.  “Getting something done” has trumped the concept of honoring the party platform or even simply doing what they told the voters they would do. 

Don’t get me wrong.  There are a handful of folks in the midst of the political mess in those two cities who are trying to do the right thing.  But they are overwhelmed and outgunned. 

The Federalist has published a thought-provoking piece describing the GOP as “a fake opposition party with no vision for the country.”  We can’t even get our state’s GOP members of Congress to agree on things like securing the border, reining in a weaponized federal bureaucracy, or even slightly controlling the runaway deficit spending orgy that is flushing our economy down the toilet and ruining our country.  That’s what you get when you mostly base your candidate recruitment on how well the prospect shakes people down for campaign cash. *Never mind all that silly principles and platform talk.*

Chuck Edwards, Greg Murphy and Patrick McHenry voted to award the FBI $300 million THAT WE DON’T HAVE for a shiny new HQ in Maryland.   Yep, the same federal agency that has been harassing and terrorizing conservative activists for years while basically ignoring mayhem perpetrated by BLM, Antifa and pro-Hamas types. 

Thom Tillis worked overtime during the Trump years to kill the president’s proposed border wall. He even, infamously, went on Tucker Carlson’s show to make his twisted case.  Virginia Foxx and Patrick McHenry just voted to save Alejandro Mayorkas – the DHS chief overseeing the nightmare at our southern border — from impeachment.

McHenry pal Kevin McCarthy got ousted from the speaker’s chair for working with Democrats to keep the deficit spending spigot open and flowing at full blast. The House’s new speaker, Mike Johnson, put together a new spending bill that passed mostly with the help of Democrats.  Basically, he did what McCarthy did and got thrown out for.  

Only 93 members of the Republican majority said NO to this fiscal travesty.   Greg Murphy and Dan Bishop were the only two GOPers from North Carolina to vote NO.   We expected a vote like that from Bishop.  But MURPHY ????  (Nancy Mace, who also voted NO, must have twisted Murphy’s arm and put the fear of God in that little guy.  She clearly rattles Murphy.

It’s interesting that those 93 get portrayed as “voting against Johnson,” and not as “voting in favor of their constituents’ and country’s best interests.”

You folks in Raleigh and DC can keep kidding yourself — that you keep getting reelected because of your good looks, the goodies you send home, and the cute little (R) next to your name. But you’ve been marketed to your friends and neighbors back home as something you are not, and apparently have no intention of becoming. (*Pssst.  THEY are going to catch on to you eventually.*)

The grift — the scam — may be working well for you.  It may keep your pockets stuffed with cash and you on the government payroll for the rest of your life.  But how do you live with yourselves, given your role in tearing apart the social and economic fabric of our state and our country?