NC a national leader in jailed illegal aliens. (*Um, yay?*)

The pro-DACA, pro-amnesty crowd wants to fill us up with sob stories about immigrants wanting to come to America, start a business, raise  and live ‘The Dream.”

Well, check out this piece of factual information:

[…] Ten states account for 63 percent of the nation’s incarcerated criminal aliens: Nevada, Texas, California, Arizona, New Mexico, New Jersey, Oregon, Florida, N. Carolina, and Illinois.[…] 

That’s right folks.  Our jails — paid for with our tax dollars — are housing one of the largest illegal alien criminal populations in America.

Even better, in 2016, we made The Top Ten.  (Not a good Top Ten, unfortunately.)  We have the 8th largest illegal alien population in America (estimated 342,000). 

Frame of reference time:  Population of Raleigh in 2016? 458,880.  Durham, in 2016? 263,016.   Fayetteville, in 2016? 204,759. Robeson County, in 2016? 134,197. Hoke County? 52,671.  Scotland County?  35,509. Richmond County?  45,437.

So, the illegal population in the state is some 80,000 larger than the combined total populations of four of the poorest counties in the state.


2 thoughts on “NC a national leader in jailed illegal aliens. (*Um, yay?*)

  1. If you like illegal aliens mooching off of American taxpayers, then you will love their big amigo, Thom Tillis. For the rest of us, we need to get AmnestyThom G-O-N-E, along with his sidekick Lindsay Grahamnesty.

  2. I’m not giving any more money to the GOP. I will pick individual candidates that represent my views and support them. Do not support/vote for someone just because they have an R after their name. Starve the beast!

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