#NCSEN: The shih-tzu and his friends drop a deuce on the GOP field

shihtzuN&O executive editor John Drescher must be beaming with pride at the work of his lapdog, John “the shih-tzu” Frank.  That young man sure has assimilated well into the left-wing slander monkey culture of The N&O newsroom.

A few months back, Frank attended a meeting of a Wake County crisis pregnancy non profit where Senate candidate Greg Brannon was honored.  Frank sat through the whole ceremony, including Brannon’s remarks, and ended up publishing some kind of nonsense about Brannon thinking slavery was groovy.  In Frank’s defense, he may have been affected by the presence of WRAL’s Mark “The Bink” Binker.  The Bink also had slavery on the brain.  But he has a track record of reporting stuff that just didn’t happen.   Hey.  It’s always been said that *great minds* think alike. 

Earlier this week, Lake Norman Conservatives hosted a GOP Senate candidates forum just minutes from media-anointed front runner Thom Tillis’ home. In a preview of the event, Frank mentioned that Tillis was taking a pass on the forum — snarkily excusing the absence because the forum’s proposed moderator reportedly protested Tillis one time. There were a lot of newcomers to politics in the audience that night.   It would have been nice to know what Tillis was doing while the other candidates were speaking to those voters.

It was interesting to see what the mainstream media came away with from that event in the Lake Norman area.  Two reps from the AP and Jim Morrill of McClatchy / The Charlotte Observer were in the house.  What were the headlines?  Impeaching Obama and Getting Rid of Grandma’s Social Security. Both of those items were briefly mentioned — mostly by Heather Grant, a nice lady who literally has no money and is polling at the rear of the pack.

In today’s N&O, Frank basically rewrites a story by McClatchy’s Renee Schoof claiming abortion is the big issue in 2014’s US Senate race.  The Frank / Schoof pieces allow Kay Hagan to regurgitate the ol’ Abortion-IS-in-the-constitution dead horse that has been beaten for decades by lefties and Planned Parenthood.  The writers make a big deal about how all of the mean ol’ Republicans want to lock up those poor pregnant women for even thinking about abortion.

Frank and Schoof ignore the *inconvenient* fact that candidate Greg Brannon has two decades of experience delivering babies and advising women on health care issues.  He’s arguably got more credibility talking about women’s health care than Kay Hagan does.

Brannon also puts his money — and his time — where his mouth is when it comes to his pro-life position.  Three of Brannon’s seven children are adopted.  He has traveled around the world providing free health care to poor women in Third World countries.

Brannon also serves on the board of a Christian-based crisis pregnancy center that helps young women consider and take advantage of all of the options beyond abortion.

Nevertheless, I disagree with the spin put forth by Schoof, Frank, and the Hagan team.  I think ObamaCare is on the top of everyone’s pile of concerns.  Millions of people have lost their health insurance.  Millions of people have had their insurance costs jacked up.  Businesses have slowed their hiring out of concern for ObamaCare and its consequences.  Health care providers have been hit with all kinds of new regulations. As a practicing physician, Brannon is seeing the effects of this disaster first-hand.    Kay Hagan doesn’t want to talk about ObamaCare.  She was one of its biggest cheerleaders.  She was one of the deciding voters FOR it.  She owns it.  And it is NOT the greatest thing to own right now. 


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  1. Ugh… yeah, there’s plenty of reasons I dont bother checking out the subpar, biased product the N&O churns out nowadays.

    I’ll take your word for it… I feel dirty giving them page views 🙂

  2. I would never purchase the News & Observer, but if I should happen upon one, I wouldn’t even use it to line my bird’s cage. The fumes might do him in!


    A woman should have a choice but she is making the wrong choice!

    The choice is to allow or NOT TO ALLOW a man to impregnate her in the first place.

    This is an act of choice. For a woman to allow herself to be impregnated is a singularly momentous event in the universe and should be considered such by all women. If it happens as the result of her pleasure and hedonism, so be it. It is still a momentous event in the universe.
    What about rape and incest as an argument to justify abortion? The creation of life thru rape or incest is a relatively rare event but, it is still a life and should be cherished and protected. If such an event occurs I will personally take the human life and raise the infant to be a successful American being. This is charity and our great country is the most charitable civilization on this planet.

    We must begin a dialogue which points out the selfish lack of respect American women have for their procreative power and the sanctity of life. Nowhere else in the universe have we found human life, and human existence is precarious when one considers the narrow temperature range, oxygen level, water, atmospheric pressure and gravitational limits that allow us to exist on this planet. The universe is very, very, hostile to life!

    The creation of life is a profound and precious event in the universe!

  4. “Simple morality dictates that unless and until someone can prove the unborn is not alive, we must give it the benefit of the doubt and assume it is. And, thus, it should be entitled to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”.
    Ronald Reagan -Alfred M. Landon Lecture Series on Public Issues, September 9, 1982

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