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#NCSEN GOP shock poll: Hagan 43, Tillis 34

ANOTHER GOP-leaning pollster has released survey results showing US Senator Kay Hagan leading state House speaker Thom Tillis outside the margin of error.  American Insights, a Republican-leaning North Carolina-based pollster, has found results not far from the recent findings of fellow right-leaners Civitas and Rasmussen…

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#NCSEN: The BIG FAT education spending LIE

I believe South Carolina congressman Joe Wilson would like to have a word with the Hagan campaign, state and national Democrats, and their lackeys in the drive-by media.  We’re getting bombarded daily with ads from national and state Democrats, as well as from Madame Sock…

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#NCSEN: Tilting Democrat?

That’s the word of DC-based political prognosticator Stuart Rothenberg on this year’s battle to unseat Miss Kay.  Hagan has been holding a steady lead in the polls since shortly after the end of the primary.  She’s outraised Tillis in the most recent fundraising reporting period….

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#NCSEN: Stay out of my lady parts, but shell out some $$$ for my BIRTH CONTROL!

The US Supreme Court is acting incredibly sensible these days.  One of their latest decisions, the Hobby Lobby case, offered up some protections for employers dealing with the ObamaCare atrocity being shoved down their throats.  The court said, under the First Amendment, employers actually have…

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New #NCSEN poll: Hagan STILL leading Tillis

A week back, leftist pollster PPP came out with a poll showing the state of the race as:  Hagan 39, Tillis 34, Haugh 11.  Of course, folks noted PPP’s ideological bias — and other concerns about their methodology — in poo pooing their findings. Now,…

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#NCSEN: PPP says Hagan opening up lead on Tillis while Libertarian Haugh polls at 11%

Public Policy Polling is out with some new numbers on the highly-watched US Senate race here in good ol’ NC.  The survey of 1,076 registered North Carolina voters between June 12 and June 15 says 39 percent support incumbent Democrat Kay Hagan, 34 percent back…

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#NCSEN: A sock puppet fight over climate change

US Senator Kay Hagan (D- NC  NY) — affectionately known in many of these parts as Chuck Schumer’s Sock Puppet™– lashed out at GOP nominee Thom Tillis — recently promoted to the position of Karl Rove’s Sock Puppet™  — as being bad for the environment: Democratic…

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#NCSEN: Are you ready for some foo — um, RACEBAITING ????

I swear, I truly believe this year’s Senate race will set a new world record for face-palms and the use of the #smh hashtag. The Republican establishment is running like mad from the golden opportunity the Democrats are handing them.  The Democrats OWN the ObamaCare…

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#NCSEN: Hagan rages against gender gap in pay, but pays her BOYS much more than her GIRLS

Don’t you love hearing filthy rich people like Diane Feinstein, Jay Rockefeller, and any of the Kennedys raging about the evil rich? Lefties are famous for criticizing, harrassing and belittling the rest of us for stuff they do routinely. Feminists love to trot out this…

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#NCSEN: Would you like a Koch with your LIE?

US Senator Kay Hagan — affectionately known in many quarters as Chuck Schumer’s Sock Puppet™ — doesn’t have a whole lot going for her this year.  She’s up for reelection, and polls have her losing to ANYONE who gets the GOP nomination. Hagan is on…