#NCSEN: Would you like a Koch with your LIE?

sock puppetUS Senator Kay Hagan — affectionately known in many quarters as Chuck Schumer’s Sock Puppet™ — doesn’t have a whole lot going for her this year.  She’s up for reelection, and polls have her losing to ANYONE who gets the GOP nomination.

Hagan is on record supporting EVERY piece of legislation pushed through the Senate by Harry Reid that kills jobs and private sector growth, increases the size and scope of government, puts us deeper in debt, weakens our military, and entangles us further in the ObamaCare nightmare. She’s even urged the federal government to investigate and sue her constituents.   She can’t campaign on that record.  So, she’s got to scare her constituents to death about the environment and two wealthy businessmen from Kansas.

She’s been all over the drive-by media screeching about the Koch Brothers — the owners of the very successfulkayandbarry Kansas-based Koch Industries. The Kochs are very generous in supporting limited-government advocacy enterprises such as Americans For Prosperity, which is campaigning against Hagan and other like-minded statist skulls-of-mush.  (And NEVER MIND that the Kochs are not even close to being the top political donors in the country.  That honor goes to the organized labor and Wall Street entities that prop up our Sock Puppet and her cronies.) 

I guess we’re supposed to give Kay a pass on the really rich people in NYC lining her pockets in cases like THIS and THIS.

I thought Renee Ellmers had gall for airing astoundingly truth-stretching ads.  Ol’ Kay is leaving Renee in the dust when it comes to B.S.-ing the folks back home.  They MUST be using the same ad guy. 

The latest ad hitting the airwaves paints The Sock Puppet as a fighter to protect us from all kinds of poison.  Why, this ad even credits her with preventing “up to 11,000 premature deaths.”  

haganReally?  Eleven thousand even?  That’s amazing.  Saving lives while hanging out on Capitol Hill and spending other people’s money and bankrupting the country.  

*Kay Hagan is AMAZING. Maybe we need to airlift her to Crimea to deal with those mean ol’ Russians.*

Why don’t we talk about how many potential new jobs she’s helped kill with her votes for ObamaCare and all those other new regulations?  Why don’t we talk about how many jobs in the health care industry her votes for ObamaCare have helped kill?  How about all of the provider options patients have lost?  Or the personal savings that have been drained while trying to stay afloat and pay health care bills in the ObamaCare era?