Hold the giggling re: Cannon bust. Sounds like this story is not finished.

cannonI’ve detected a bit of smugness on the part of establishment Republicans in the wake of Charlotte mayor Patrick Cannon’s arrest by the FBI on corruption charges.  NCGOP was quick to hop on the anti-Cannon bandwagon. 

If you read the complaint filed against Cannon by federal authorities, he was an unexpected BONUS catch.  The feds were looking into other Charlotte area targets when Cannon walked into their sights.  The federal complaint details how Cannon bragged about his ties to The White House, as well as Charlotte pols like Gov. Pat McCrory and state senator Bob Rucho. Who were the feds probing when they stumbled onto Cannon?  Are they still looking at those folks?

Media reports have identified Gov. McCrory’s brother as a “mentor” to Cannon. One media report indicated that the governor himself taught Cannon how to swim when he was 13 years old. pat1

There’s nothing good about this story.  You’ve got crooks in both parties.  (Michael Decker, anyone?) We get a lot of heat — questions about our conservatism, Christianity, and patriotism — for daring to question the ethics of Republican leaders.  The Cannon story is an excellent lesson about how the political world corrupts good people and provides plenty of temptations. It also demonstrates how the scope of government’s involvement in every aspect of life creates opportunities for corrupt activities and influence peddling to take place.

Instead of trying to gain partisan advantage from this episode, we should all make sure we learn and heed some valuable lessons from the rise and fall of Patrick Cannon.

10 thoughts on “Hold the giggling re: Cannon bust. Sounds like this story is not finished.

  1. You mean, refrain from posting “Culture of Corruption” over at PoliticsNC?

    I figure that when the mics are put away and the cameras put into their cases, politicians act entirely differently. And one of the things that is different is that they all know one another, and have a level of respect for one another — kinda like I figure exists between the players on the Duke, NC State and UNC basketball teams when they’re off of the court.

    So yeah, this thing could have some more twists and turns.

    I have to wonder, given the reluctance of the Obama / Holder Justice Dept, just how bad a black Dem supporter has to be before they are investigated and arrested. It’s like another part of the story is how this person made the Obama enemies list?

  2. The FBI actually busted three Democrat pols on the same day for corruption in three states. One of the other ones was a California Democrat State Senator who was a major supporter of gun control in the legislature. The interesting thing is that in addition to corruption, he was charged with Arms Trafficking! So while he was trying to take away guns from law abiding citizens, he was engaged in selling them in quantity to the bad guys. What typical liberal hypocrisy.

  3. The way things are going in North Carolina we will soon need a special court for our politicians. Of course some see their trials and tribulations in a courtroom as a badge of honor. Maybe a jury ruling against you will become the litmus test for future politicians.

  4. There is no shame in this country. Look at all the people using SNAP. How many children in the Charlotte area are on free or reduced school lunch? Illegals break into our country and expect benefits. What is Tillis’s position on immigration?

    1. Although Tilli$ likes to talk out of both sides of his dishonest mouth on this issue, he told the NC Farm Bureau that he supports ”a pathway to citizesnhip” for illegal aliens and that is amnesty any way you slice it. Tillis also skipping some NC political events to attend a function in Colorado with a progressive GOP PAC which pushes gay marriage and amnesty for illegal aliens. He has open support from a number of major supporters of amnesty including Karl Rove and Lindsay Graham.

      To win a general election a Republican candidate needs to be correctly positioned on amnesty. A recent Washington Post poll showed what that position is, and it is NOT the position thjat Tilli$ has taken. According to that poll, a significantly higher percentage of independents and moderates are more inclined to vote for a candidate who opposes a ”pathway to citizenship” for illegal aliens than one who supports it. And of course, if you are talking about the GOP base, it is even more overwhelming. The major primary candidate corredtly positioned for the general election on this issue is Dr. Greg Brannon.

  5. I’m still waiting for them to get Bill & Hillary on that Whitewater deal. Now that Hils is preparing to move into the White House the matter of Whitewater is back in the news. And how about that Chinese guy that was funneling money to Bill’s campaign.

  6. Like Michelle Malkin has speculated, this roundup of dumb Dem’s is only a dress rehearsal. The real take-down of “corrupt politicians” will occur shortly before November. And …. surprise! The bad guys will be Republicans. In states where the vote could go either way – left or right. Taking Cannon I bet was picking low-hanging fruit. Who does the Leftist McClatchy media want as Senate candidate? Tilli$ of course. Wonder how much dirt they’ve got on him right now?

    Funny how Agent Pierce noticed how quickly the Observer ran detailed stories on Cannon, within hours – minutes? – of his arrest. As if the articles had already been written …. Just a coincidence, I’m sure! Right?

    1. I noticed that the Feds said that Cannon just walked into their trap, and that he was not one of their original targets. They also said that they were still investigating ”Charlotte area” politicians.

      Cornelius is in the Charlotte area, and pay for play is certainly one of the things the FBI goes after. Has Tilli$ been careless enough to get himself caught? We will find out between the primary and November. If Republicans are smart enough not to nominate Tilli$ for the Senate and he is a target, it will still have some impact but a whole lot less than it would if he were the nominee.

      We also have to remember that the FBI also goes after politicians who use their campaign funds for personal purposes and there is a GOP state senator in the Charlotte area who has had a complaint filed with the State Board of Elections on just that issue. The establishment GOP hacks who form the SBOE majority have gone into coverup mode on that and swept it under the rug as reported here on the Haymaker. If he is the target, I wonder if they will reach up into the SBOE on the coverup? While those pricks might deserve it, this would not be helpful to the GOP ticket.

      This may well be the October surprise that the Democrats are counting on to hold the Senate, and they may be anticipating bagging a US Senate nominee as part of their scheme. Republicans need to work hard to make sure that we have no US Senate nominees who might be vulnerable to that.

      1. But what can we do?

        We must allow the justice system to run its course and rely on the decision of the jury. Each candidate must have their day in court if they are charged.

        Please have faith in our courts. We are a nation of laws and we must stand strong for the Constitution.

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