#NCSEN GOP shock poll: Hagan 43, Tillis 34

thom sighANOTHER GOP-leaning pollster has released survey results showing US Senator Kay Hagan leading state House speaker Thom Tillis outside the margin of error.  American Insights, a Republican-leaning North Carolina-based pollster, has found results not far from the recent findings of fellow right-leaners Civitas and Rasmussen Reports.  \

(Jr. Cooper, a regular commenter on this site, tipped us off a few days ago about the AI poll being conducted.  He, apparently, got called.  *I BET he told them he was a Hagan fan.*)

AI shows Hagan leading Tillis 43-34 among likely voters.  The survey was conducted with 600 registered voters between September 5 and 10. (459 of those 600 were determined to be “likely voters.” The margin of error was at +- 4 percent.) 

Some other key findings from the American Insights poll:

  • 39 percent of Likely Voters watched the debate.  That group that watched thought Hagan won by a margin of 54-33.
  • 79 percent of Likely Voters have seen or heard a political ad for this race.  Only 21 percent say the ads have affected their choices.
  • Tillis leads by 6 points with white Likely Voters, but is losing bad (73-8) with Black Likely Voters.
  • Tillis leads 39-38 among native-born North Carolinians likely to votesock1
  • Hagan leads in the Charlotte area, Mountains, and Triangle among Likely Voters.  Tillis leads Hagan in the Coastal Plains and Triad.
  • Sean Haugh’s greatest level of support comes from men.  His strongest showing is in the Triad area (9 percent).
  • If you drop Haugh from consideration, and ask his voters to support Hagan or Tillis, they split 39-32 in favor of Tillis.
  • In a head-to-head match excluding Haugh, Hagan’s lead is 47-38.
  • More independents and Democrats watched the Sept. 3 debate than Republicans.
  • Charlotte area debate watchers thought Hagan won by a margin of 45-43.  Nearly two thirds of debate watchers in the mountains thought Hagan won.
  • Young Likely Voters (18-34) are the only demographic where Obama’s support is right-side up.
  • Young Likely Voters (18-34) are also the only demo that would trust Hagan more than Tillis.
  • Hagan’s approval among female Likely Voters at 48-40, while 44-46 with men.  She is -16 with seniors, but +24 with young voters.
  • The Triad region is the most anti-Obama region of the state (by a -21 margin), while the Triangle is the most pro-Obama.

8 thoughts on “#NCSEN GOP shock poll: Hagan 43, Tillis 34

  1. The wizard is being unmasked. The people of North Carolina are saying no to Karl Rove. Kay Hagan may not be the ideal candidate but at least she is her own woman and not a Rove talking doll. The extreme agenda of the NC General Assembly is coming home to roost. We all now understand why Tillis was not the best candidate to face Kay Hagan. This race was lost in the primary!

    1. You sound like a liberal democrat infiltrator (also know as a “troll”) and I think you ARE. Your posts constantly are against conservative leaning legislative items, not pro conservative common sense reforms. Tillis might be a RINO, but I doubt you’re even that.

      I’d take him over Obama in a dress any day. I love this state too much, however even if Mr. Tillis loses (and that isn’t certain), Hagan will lose when we get a conservative nominee that will FIGHT BACK and point out her radical leftism that doesn’t fit with the profile and with policies that benefit the people of our state!

    2. Kay Hagan her own woman? You’re hallucinating. She has been nothing but a tool of the Obama machine. There is not one thing positive that can be said about her, her votes, or her job performance.

      Unfortunately, Tillis is only marginally better, and has proven to be a tool for the Chamber of Commerce and the Bush/Rove globalists.

      These two hacks would be dead even were it not for the libertarian. Gee, I wonder who put him up to run in this race?

  2. Tillis has let Hagan dominate the debate and focus the issue on education. Tillis’ responses have been lame — “I am a nice guy, I worked hard all my life, and she is telling lies about me.” How exciting. Why doesn’t Tillis raise the illegal immigration issue and point out that Hagan voted for the Gang of Eight amnesty bill? Without an issue to fire up the voters, he is in big trouble.

  3. Looks like the same ‘bedwetters” are trolling here and other sites everyday trashing Thom Tillis.Hagen must be getting desperate,I guess since the Moral Moron’s have nowhere to go they have plenty of time to surf these sites and get their orders from the Hagen/Barber regime.

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