#NCSEN: Socks should earn the same as SHOES. (There needs to be a law!)

sock1The Democrat Party — desperate to change the subject from the ObamaCare debacle and save Kay Hagan’s chestnuts — are reaching back into the statist archives for an old saw:

Women in this country put in 100% of the work that men do — but get paid only 77 cents for every dollar a man receives.

That doesn’t make any sense.

That’s because it doesn’t.  I don’t believe you can honestly quantify or corroborate that assertion. (There may be some isolated cases, but that statement is way too broad and sweeping.)

Five years ago, the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act became law. It was a huge leap forward for women seeking to end wage discrimination in their workplaces. But the fight isn’t over yet.

So in honor of this anniversary, I’m joining with EMILY’s List, Senator Gillibrand, Senator Klobuchar, and Senator Shaheen, to show my continuing support for fair pay. If you want to join us, sign the petition to support equal pay for equal work:


In these hard economic times, middle class families are relying more and more on women’s income to live.

As of 2012, North Carolina women working full time, year round had roughly $7,500 less in earnings than men. That’s not just a number, folks — that’s the mortgage. That’s groceries. That’s college tuition and gas money and insurance payments.

This isn’t just a problem for women — this is a problem for the children and families that women support. I will not stop fighting until the gender wage gap is a thing of the past.

On this anniversary of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, let’s show our support for equal pay. Sign the petition here:


Thank you for standing with me and women across America.

Yep. Pass ObamaCare and raise taxes and increase regulations — like ol’ Kay, Dingy Harry and Chuck Schumer have done — you get more and more pay cuts and layoffs and families having to cope with ONLY ONE smaller paycheck.

If Senator Sock Puppet and President Barry are serious about income inequality, I believe they should start with their own chosen profession — the law.  

Kay and her husband Chip are lawyers in Greensboro.  Arguably, paralegals do MOST all of the work in a law office. Yet, take a look at the median income for paralegals in law offices in the Greensboro area.  The bottom ten percent of that group makes up to $35,429 while the top ten percent makes at least $58,494.   Now let’s look at attorneys in Greensboro. The bottom ten percent makes a maximum of $56,133. Wow. The bottom ten percent of attorneys is making roughly what the top ten percent of paralegals is making.  The top ten percent of attorneys is making at least $102,451. I am sure we have a lot of working mothers out there in the paralegal community.  *Talk about inequality.  Talk about UN-fair.* 

It would be a great statement for Kay and Barry to kick off this whole inequality-fighting thing in their very own legal industry. Let’s also look at the pay of North Carolina’s US senators vs. the median pay of their constituents.  Senator Sock Puppet and her cohort, Tricky Dick, are currently pulling down an annual salary of $174,000 each.  North Carolina’s median household income was $45,570 in 2010.  How FAIR is that ???

The whole concept of income inequality has its roots in the work of Karl Marx and Friederich Engels — the founders of the Marxist ideology.  This school of thought was based on the concept of dropping all class distinctions and making everyone the same.  The problem?  Every civilization / society that has implemented this type of economic policy has ended up with a corrupt autocratic elite that hoards cash, food and other staples while starving the rest of the population and forcing them deeper into poverty.

Kay, Barry & co. are raising the whole income inequality thing to stir up their base and get them angry at those mean old Republican voting capitalists. Kay is not seriously interested in lowering her standard of living to that of the girls in the paralegal / steno pool.  

The whole men making more than women schtick is a scam.  Averages are computed on a pool of working men and a pool of working women.  Considerations such as education and training in a field, experience in a career field, longevity in current positions, and how many people leave work for maternity reasons or return to work after having children, are not factored in. All of that is inconvenient to the political message.  

Don’t be fooled by the whole men vs. women argument.  Kay Hagan has been a willing accomplice in Harry Reid and Barry Obama’s efforts to sink our nation’s culture and economy.  In some recent years, her voting record has even jolted to the left of Reid’s.    

If Kay Hagan was seriously interested in improving everyone’s bottom line, she’d join the fight to cut taxes and the size of government. Big government — more than anything — is what bogs down the economy, restricts employment opportunities, and limits economic advancement across race and gender lines.