#NCSEN: Bill Flynn Moves Out. Greg Brannon Moves IN to Thom’s neighborhood.

vote124News comes today that Greensboro area radio broadcaster Bill Flynn is folding up his effort to win the GOP nomination for US Senate.  This comes on the heels of his campaign manager quitting and weak polling showing him performing mediocre in Greensboro and not any better elsewhere.  Flynn was also still carrying roughly $40,000 in debt left over from his 2012 primary challenge to congressman Howard Coble.  His fundraising  numbers were weak.  In fact, it was looking doubtful that his campaign treasury would contain enough to pay the filing fee for the Senate race.

That means there will be one less participant in tonight’s GOP candidates forum in the Lake Norman area. Thom Tillis — who lives minutes from the forum’s venue — had already declined to participate. 

Meanwhile, Tea Party favorite Greg Brannon is taking the fight to the media-anointed front runner in the race by setting up a campaign office in the town where Tillis lives: