#NCSEN: Bill Flynn Moves Out. Greg Brannon Moves IN to Thom’s neighborhood.

vote124News comes today that Greensboro area radio broadcaster Bill Flynn is folding up his effort to win the GOP nomination for US Senate.  This comes on the heels of his campaign manager quitting and weak polling showing him performing mediocre in Greensboro and not any better elsewhere.  Flynn was also still carrying roughly $40,000 in debt left over from his 2012 primary challenge to congressman Howard Coble.  His fundraising  numbers were weak.  In fact, it was looking doubtful that his campaign treasury would contain enough to pay the filing fee for the Senate race.

That means there will be one less participant in tonight’s GOP candidates forum in the Lake Norman area. Thom Tillis — who lives minutes from the forum’s venue — had already declined to participate. 

Meanwhile, Tea Party favorite Greg Brannon is taking the fight to the media-anointed front runner in the race by setting up a campaign office in the town where Tillis lives:

3 thoughts on “#NCSEN: Bill Flynn Moves Out. Greg Brannon Moves IN to Thom’s neighborhood.

  1. A candidate you thumbs his nose at the voters during an election by ducking candidate forums would be even worse at thumbing his nose at the voters if he were elected. We do NOT need Tilli$ with his arrogant and condescending attitude toward the people he claims to want to represent. And this is particularly true when it is the Republican voters he is thumbing his nose at.

  2. Well said Raphael.

    Tholl Road Thom Tilli$ is apparently hiding under a rock someplace kept out of the public eye by his Rovian handler(s). Only exposing himself like a sand crab to grab a morsel of money from corporate suits before scurrying back under his rock.

    This type of hermit crab politics is and would be unacceptable for any party, and is certainly an embarrassment to his own party. It makes one wonder if there shouldn’t be some public appearance mandates in our election laws.

    Rove is the (Oz’s) ‘man behind the curtain’ and Thilli$ is the projected image, never to be seen off screen and in person. Perhaps Thilli$ has lied so much his conscience has swelled to thrice its size and he can no longer face the public–only a film crew doing an ad, or other politic cronies with whom he feels comfortable.

    For a man to be speaker, and ALEC man of the year, and other dubious titles bestowed upon him, he is sure not out front beating his chest.

    Maybe the answer is to trick him into a forum or debate disguised as an awards dinner, to lure him out. Wouldn’t matter…all we would get is stilted pablum rhetoric or outright lies.

    By the way…I coined “Rovian”. Noticed public here. I want to be paid each time N&O or WRAL or anybody else uses it. Although I am granting gratis usage to the Haymaker or commenters herein.

  3. Thom Tillis not showing up to Candidate Forums is essentially the same concept as what happened in last year’s NCGOP Chairman race where Claude Pope did not show up to a SINGLE Candidate Forum where I’m from we call that DISRESPECTFUL!!!!! So I voted for Jack Brosch in the NCGOP Chairman’s race and I’m going to do everything I possibily can to make sure Greg Brannon wins the U.S. Senate primary!!!!!!!

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