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The GOP: Winning, then surrendering

‘Crazy’ candidates keep GOP from shedding label of Old White Guy Party –– actual McClatchy news story headline   When I read the above headline, I was ready to pound out yet another diatribe against media bias.  But I read into the story, and found…

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Drive-bys: NCGOP wants to KILL you.

The EPA is only 44 years old. The North Carolina Department of the Environment and Natural Resources is 43 years old.  The Earth is MILLIONS of years old.  Humans have been thriving on this here planet for thousands of years. Yet, the drive-by media wants…

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Is moving left politically REALLY “Kinder and Gentler?”

My political life tracks back to the 1988 Bush-Quayle campaign.  That’s where I cut my teeth in this game.  I was attracted to Bush because of his ties to my hero Ronald Reagan.  Though, when GHWB first announced he was going to be ”kindler and…

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Hello? Mr. Voller? It’s Rob. What am I writing about THIS WEEK?

This past weekend,  The Minister of Propaganda informed us that THE LADIES will make or break the US Senate race in North Carolina.  Since he offers little to no hard evidence to back up that claim, one begins to wonder where he gets that idea….

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RobRielle, N&O joining MSNBC on road to irrelevance

Just when you think he can’t deliver a bigger face-palm moment, the reporter  who: (1) made history by being physically removed from an NCGOP convention, (2) failed to notice Dennis Wicker ordering a pizza at a black tie dinner, (3) failed to notice Jesse Helms…

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#NCSEN: The shih-tzu drops a deuce on Thom’s thax thrickery

Every so often John Drescher’s pet shih-tzu surprises me.  The young man occasionally breaks free from RobRielle’s mind meld and does some honest-to-goodness political reporting. Speaker Thom and his diminutive sidekick Lil’ Jordan tried to hoo-doo North Carolina voters this week with THIS MAILING claiming…

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#NCSEN: Could Mark Harris be cut from TV debates?

Time Warner News and McClatchy are sponsoring a GOP primary debate on April 22.  WRAL has one slated for April 23.  Charlotte pastor — and former Southern Baptist Convention president — Mark Harris has been touted in the media as a leading contender for the…

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#NCSEN: The shih-tzu shows his teeth

N&O executive editor John Drescher’s attack lapdog is upset that the mean ol’ baby doctor is “attacking” Mr. Invevitable in the GOP’s US Senate primary.  The remnants of the Tar Heel State’s mainstream media soooo want the baggage-laden dollar-chasing ideological weathervane from Cornelius (by way of…

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#NCSEN WRAL’s Binky cribs from his Mother

WRAL owner and Democrat super-donor Jim Goodmon appears to be trying to replicate the mess the Daniels family made at The N&O.  Screw reporting the facts.  Twist those facts to make socialism look good and capitalism look bad.  Goodmon’s majordomo in this effort is Mark…

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Blueprinting McCrory, NCGOP on coal ash?

Early in the McCrory era in Raleigh, we learned about a nefarious plot by lefty groups and their media allies to slime and slander and “eviscerate” our new governor and his fellow Republicans on Jones Street. BlueprintNC advertises itself as a warm-and-fuzzy little lefty group seeking…