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Binky & The Shih-Tzu: Keepin’ it (Un) Real

There have been some great comedic pairings throughout history  — Laurel & Hardy, Abbot & Costello, The Smothers Brothers, and now John Frank & Mark Binker.  There is one real distinct difference between the first three pairs and the last one — the first three…

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JuneA @ NC DPI: Poorly-performing students repeating a grade ‘a 20th-century artifact’

I am starting to believe that the plastic surgeons have stretched June Atkinson’s face so tight that it is putting pressure on her brain and degrading her motor skills. The godmother of the K-12 public education bureaucracy here in North Carolina has teamed up with…

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#NCSEN: Morrill’s lazy reporting gives Tillis a pass

I had been waiting to see what the Charlotte Observer / McClatchy’s Jim Morrill was coming out with.  I have known — for at least a week — that he was working on a “big” piece about the upcoming US Senate race in North Carolina….

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*Surprise, Surprise!* Robert Brawley gets primaried.

Moore County’s Richard Morgan set the standard for hard-nosed vindictive political tactics during his tenure in the NC House.  If a legislator dared to “cross” him, Morgan would personally seek out a primary challenger for said legislator.  One example was the GOP primary for NC…

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#NCSEN : Put A Cork In It.

Lefties have been giving me grief for personifying our junior US senator as a sock with ping-pong ball eyes and string for hair.  I wonder what they would say about McClatchy Rob likening Kay Hagan to a cork.  How disrespectful! A sock with ping pong…

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Media: Tea Party upset with Rove because he “Wins”?

  You have really gotta *love* the remnants of the mainstream media.  Check out this piece of reporting by John Drescher’s shih-tzu: […] House Speaker Thom Tillis of Cornelius, meanwhile, hosts a noon fundraiser at Bank of America Stadium with former White House adviser Karl…

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#NCSEN: HAVE bow tie, WILL prevaricate

Conservatives have been convinced for some time that mainstream media reporters distort events and outright lie in their coverage of right-leaning figures, organizations, and events.  The N&O’s John Frank (pictured with this post) has done an admirable job of proving right-wingers’ theories about the press…

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Tea Party ‘suicide mission’ or FALSE FLAG?

      As we approach the 2014 vote, the PR stunts, dirty tricksters, and other political slimeballs will start oozing out of the woodwork.  (The staff and I are spending quite a bit of time deleting all of these posts and tweets from establishment…

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The Crash of The Peacock: Me-Too Republicanism flops in Charlotte

      Got a flat tire?  *Man, if the Democrats still controlled the legislature, that nail would NEVER have been in the road.*   These days,  the remnants of North Carolina’s mainstream media — and many RINOs — will attempt to pin ANYONE’S misfortune…