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Environmental wackos having their way with state coastal policy. Raleigh yawns.

In 2011, the North Carolina Coastal Resources Commission submitted a report forecasting sea level rise along the coast for the next three decades.  The new Republican majority dismissed what they saw as an overly pessimistic and unrealistic forecast and rejected the report — telling the…

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Loving those falling gas prices? Thank FRACKING.

It’s created a huge economic boom in the Dakotas.  Environmentalists want you to believe it will poison your children and kill your ability to have children. In any case, fracking is revolutionizing the energy industry.  It’s giving our economy a much needed boost. Many are…

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NC sea level rise report about to be issued. State panel still clinging to gospel of Gore.

The drive-bys tell us that a state panel is about to release its forecasted projections on the rise of the sea level on the North Carolina coast.  This report will likely be a key factor in developing regulations governing property insurance and development along the…

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#ncga: Jones Street pressure sent Decker packing

The governor’s office is spinning commerce secretary Sharon Decker’s resignation as a chance for her to seek bigger and better opportunities. But a well-placed source of mine from Jones Street says the honorables sent a loud-and-clear message to Team McCrory on Blount Street that Madame…

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The UN influencing North Carolina’s sea level rise report?

We’ve reported extensively on the on-going saga with the Coastal Resources Commission and their, um, “struggle”  to comply with the legislature’s instructions to produce a balanced, science-based sea level rise report. Some people’s eyes may glaze over in sheer boredom from this topic.  But it’s…

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Why lead when you can hide behind a B.S. commission or even SUE ???

Governor Pat McCrory is ratcheting up his efforts to bring the same GOP base infuriation and screwing-over tactics he perfected in Charlotte to a much larger statewide audience.  The legislature set up a commission for dealing with Duke Energy’s coal ash spill in the Dan River….

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Drive-bys: NCGOP wants to KILL you.

The EPA is only 44 years old. The North Carolina Department of the Environment and Natural Resources is 43 years old.  The Earth is MILLIONS of years old.  Humans have been thriving on this here planet for thousands of years. Yet, the drive-by media wants…

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Monkey Business Update: The state’s sea level rise study

We’ve posted previously about the do-over ordered by the legislature on the projections of sea level changes along the coast.  This information is important because it can affect insurance rates, and permitted uses of private property, for decades to come. The chairman of the NC…

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Feeling heat, McCrory enviro-appointee responds to lefty bias accusations

We posted earlier about the apparent efforts of a McCrory appointee to prevent the seating of three global-warming skeptics on a key NC DENR panel studying the issue of sea levels.  The panel was charged by the legislature with studying the issue of sea level…

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Bonner Bridge is falling down (And what’s up with Lyons Gray?)

We’ve come to realize there is A LOT of “theatre” in politics.  Both sides holler about the other doing the little people wrong.  Both sides claim to have the best interests of the people at heart — to be good stewards of their money.  The…