Feeling heat, McCrory enviro-appointee responds to lefty bias accusations

state sealWe posted earlier about the apparent efforts of a McCrory appointee to prevent the seating of three global-warming skeptics on a key NC DENR panel studying the issue of sea levels.  The panel was charged by the legislature with studying the issue of sea level changes and their impact on coastal environmental policy and development regulations.  

John Droz, a physicist who has taken a lead role in questioning alternative energy mandates and other demands by global-warming disciples, has inserted himself into the situation.  Droz makes a lot of the right enemies.  He’s been attacked by — among others — Media Matters for America, The Institute for Southern Studies and various other far-left groups. They tend to focus on questioning his scientific credentials.  Meanwhile, Al Gore is heaped with praise while collecting his Oscar and Nobel Prize. 

Frank Gorham, a McCrory donor appointed to head the sea rise study panel, was outspoken in his efforts to block the seating of the three skeptics.  He suggested the presence of global warming skeptics would harm the panel’s credibility and cause some valuable members to quit.  Droz has been emailing Gorham repeatedly in an effort to get him to clarify his decision to not fill the three seats on the study panel. Of course, we got our hands on some of Droz’s emails. In fact, here’s one:


Maybe I got you at a busy time, but a week has now gone by, and I’ve heard nothing about solving the problem with the CRC Science Panel.
In the meantime I did see this Coastal Federation article about this situation.
From the way this story is written it seems like your key motivation is explained here:
“Gorham would have also likely faced a mutiny by the scientists currently on the panel. Many said they would quit if any of the nominees with credentials they considered questionable were chosen.”
The fact is that the three main nominees (Dr. Stan YoungDr. Robert Brown, and Dr. Nicola Scafetta) are all PhDs with credentials superior to most of the current CRC Science Panel members. If any Science Panel member quits because those three scientists are added to fill the current three vacancies, I’d say: good riddance!
You are also quoted as saying:
“I want to be known as trying to be fair and to have respect for people’s opinions and the process.”
In reply to that I say:
a) It seems like your primary obligation (as CRC Chairman) is to be “fair” to the citizens of NC — not to be catering to the feelings of the Science Panel members.
b) We have already heard the “opinions” of the existing Science Panel members for several years, so they have had more than enough time to make their case.
c) Lastly, the proper “process” would be to fill the Science Panel with qualified personnel, such that it is balanced!
Please fix the situation with the CRC Science Panel, as this group should consist of qualified scientists with diverse backgrounds and views.
Let me know any questions.
john droz, jr.
Morehead City, NC

We also got a copy of Gorham’s response to Droz:

John, I appreciate your comments and opinions
I also believe that the Sea Level Rise study, the appointment of the Science Panel and the Technical Peer Review Group is an extremely important issue for our state.
After consulting with the CRC Executive Committee, I made my decision regarding this issue.
I am very comfortable with the decision that the addition of Rudi Rudolph to the SP coupled with the creation of a Technical Peer Review Group with Drs. Bob Dean and James Houston will provide a very balanced and competent study of the subject. I would certainly challenge anyone who questioned the credentials of Drs. Dean and Houston
The beauty of this Country is we are all free to express our opinions to anyone who will listen
I also respect your right to continue to express your opinions including any opposition to my decisions
Regarding the decisions above however, they have been made and they are final
This panel is important to everyone in this state.  Its decisions will impact how development in the state’s coastal plain will proceed over the next decades.  Its decisions can greatly impact our state’s economy for decades to come.  This is serious stuff, and the Republican administration needs to ensure that folks who don’t worship the gospel of Al Gore have their voices heard in this discussion.