Drive-bys: NCGOP wants to KILL you.

liberal-media-biasThe EPA is only 44 years old. The North Carolina Department of the Environment and Natural Resources is 43 years old.  The Earth is MILLIONS of years old.  Humans have been thriving on this here planet for thousands of years.

Yet, the drive-by media wants us to believe that Republican-inspired budget cuts are endangering human life and putting the planet at risk.  The Raleigh office of the AP teamed up with the folks at Low-T state HQ to deliver the most recent scare tactic:

When Republicans took control of the North Carolina legislature four years ago, they promised to do away with environmental regulations they claimed hurt economic growth. But environmental groups say lawmakers have gone too far, gutting laws aimed at protecting the public’s health.

In the last few years, GOP lawmakers have scaled back pollution control programs, lifted a moratorium on natural gas exploration using hydraulic fracturing and pushed to remove key scientists and experts from state environmental oversight boards.

In the last week alone, they considered several controversial environmental measures. One would stop the state environmental agency from disclosing complaints and investigations on farms. Critics say that would shield farm operators from public scrutiny and discourage citizens from reporting violations. Another provision tucked in a regulatory reform bill would reduce the number of air quality monitoring stations in communities across the state.

“What this provision would do is say we’re going to get rid of air quality monitors unless the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) specifically requires us to have them,” said Molly Diggins, state director of the Sierra Club. That means communities would have “less protection from harmful air pollution than they have today with no clear benefit to the public.”

What ??? Doing exactly what the feds require — nothing more, nothing less?  *THAT’S OUTRAGEOUS.*

Now, who are these “environmental groups” the authors say are so upset with the Republicans?  The Sierra Club and The Southern Environmental Law Center.  Two virulently anti-Republican non-profits. They couldn’t seem to find anyone who doesn’t worship at the altar of eco-fascism.  For instance, John Droz.   Or Paul Chesser.   Or The John Locke Foundation. or the folks at Civitas. 
Everybody knows the deal with The Sierra Club. But let’s look at the Southern Environmental Law Center.    In the reporting period ending in March 2012, the SELC pulled in $13.8 million and spent $12 million. Total salaries, benefits, and other compensation hit the $8.4 million mark in that period.
They pulled in $12.6 million in grants, contributions, and gifts.  From 2007-2012, the SELC racked up $61.4 million in “public support.”
SELC is currently involved in three  different North Carolina-related lawsuits against the federal and state government.  SELC’s director pulled down  $343,257 for the period ending March 2012. (For reference, the president of the United States makes $400,000 per year.)
Environmentalists typically blast global warming skeptics for an alleged lack of scientific credentials and background.  Well, the apparent scarcity of scientific credentials on SELC’s board of trustees is a real eye-opener.
Believe it or not — there are plenty of credible people and sources out there to dispute the radical left’s version of environmentalism.  But don’t count on the drive-by media to let you hear from them. 

3 thoughts on “Drive-bys: NCGOP wants to KILL you.

  1. Many of the drive by media would likely have been happier working for Pravda in the Breshnev era. They are propagandists, not journalists, and do nothing but spout the far left party line of ”political correctness”. This is just another example.

    The EPA is one of the most corrupt, crony-backsratching agencies in government. These environmental extremists at EPA and the groups you mention are huge threats to our way of life. To back their own far left political agenda, they want to raise energy costs to the point that many average Americans cannot afford our utility bills.

    Here is a good article by Michelle Malkin on these eco-fascists:

  2. Browner is a communist subversive! The only way this corrupt conduct will be curtailed is for some of them to go to jail for several years!
    A monetary fine does not bother them since they have become reasonably wealthy or their wealthy “friends” or the government will bale them out!

  3. Look no further than our skies. Our government has been spraying us since 1997 with chemicals from Air Force jets as well as commercial airlines called chemtrails. The normal pattern of exhaust from an airplane is called contrails. We have become a bioweapons lab rat by our government. Our wonderful government has been using biological weapons against certain elements of the population beginning at the end of WWI on our Veterans. Look it up it is common knowledge for those who know how to research on the internet. The Sierra Club was hijacked years ago by the environmental wackos. They also know how to manipulate and control the weather. Look no further than California and research HAARP.

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