#NCSEN: late July Civitas poll has Hagan (D) 41, Tillis (R) 39, Haugh (L) 7

kaytomFolks are still taking the political temperature, and things are still looking tight in the US Senate race.  Civitas polled 600 registered voters from July 28-29.    With a four percent margin of error, the Raleigh-based conservative group finds the race between the three major party candidates to be split 41 -39 – 7.

In late June, Civitas found the race at Hagan 39, Tillis 36, and Haugh 9.  Civitas also removed Haugh completely from the equation in its July poll, and found the race split 45-43, with Tillis leading.  Though, that finding seems insignificant since Haugh’s name will be on the ballot.  (It also appears that there will be three write-in options in this race.)

The month of August should prove to be crucial for this race.  Kay Hagan took the lead for good from Elizabeth Dole, the incumbent Republican, starting in late August 2008. Most election experts find that the voters don’t seriously start paying attention to races until roughly Labor Day. 


8 thoughts on “#NCSEN: late July Civitas poll has Hagan (D) 41, Tillis (R) 39, Haugh (L) 7

  1. I for one am going to “throw my vote away” and write in John Rhodes. If Thillis were a theam player he would do likewise.

  2. I was going to skip voting the Senate race, now I’m writing in
    John Rhodes. As a conservative what other choice do I have? None, I have no other choice but to write in John Rhodes so that my voice is heard.

  3. Tillis has not earned my vote. In fact, he has worked harder to earn my wrath. I’ll be writing in John Rhodes.

  4. Several friends have been giving me grief because I refuse to support Tillis, and have even laid the further destruction of the Nation at my feet. Some people find it convenient to blame everything on the Dimwits, refusing to accept that many member of the GOP are nothing more than careerist hacks that are playing footsie with the left at every opportunity.

    Have we now reached the point where there is no political solution? I think that might be the case at the Fed level, and it looks like an uphill battle within NC.

    The problem is so few we elect have solid principles, and even less knowledge about the constitutions they swear to uphold.

    I don’t know much about Pres. Garfield but this quote is worth lining in gold:

    “The People are responsible for the character of their Congress, (and other elected officials). If that body be ignorant, reckless and corrupt, it is because the people tolerate ignorance, recklessness and corruption. If it be intelligent, brave and pure, it is because the people demand these high qualities to represent them…”

  5. Nancy, rest assured you and others like you are not the cause of the collapse of the country. The National Republican Party has become as corrupt as the Democrats–and a lot of Republicans have now figured it out. Tillis will probably lose because the typical Republican voter is simply fed-up with the GOP elite governing class in Washington and will take out their vengeance on Tillis who has yet to figure out what the problem is.

    1. The Mississippi Mugging, the massive overreach of the Big Government establishment Republicans in crookedly Watergating the GOP Senate primary in Mississippi is what has opened the eyes of many conservative voters. The establishment now seems to consider conservatives as greater enemies than they do the Democrats. They would rather buddy up with Democrats than with conservatives in their own party. It is going to be hard to put that genie back in the bottle, and the sad thing is that Reince Priebus and the RNC leadership is not even trying. That portends disaster for the party and the country. The crooks involved in what was done in Mississippi need to be severely disciplined.

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