#NCSEN: late July Civitas poll has Hagan (D) 41, Tillis (R) 39, Haugh (L) 7

kaytomFolks are still taking the political temperature, and things are still looking tight in the US Senate race.  Civitas polled 600 registered voters from July 28-29.    With a four percent margin of error, the Raleigh-based conservative group finds the race between the three major party candidates to be split 41 -39 – 7.

In late June, Civitas found the race at Hagan 39, Tillis 36, and Haugh 9.  Civitas also removed Haugh completely from the equation in its July poll, and found the race split 45-43, with Tillis leading.  Though, that finding seems insignificant since Haugh’s name will be on the ballot.  (It also appears that there will be three write-in options in this race.)

The month of August should prove to be crucial for this race.  Kay Hagan took the lead for good from Elizabeth Dole, the incumbent Republican, starting in late August 2008. Most election experts find that the voters don’t seriously start paying attention to races until roughly Labor Day.