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Campaign polling ???????

    Yes, indeed.  Perhaps it’s time to interrupt the wall-to-wall COVID talk to remind ourselves there is a pretty big election coming up in a few months.  Cardinal Point Analytics of Raleigh conducted some phone polling of likely North Carolina voters between July 13…

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#ncga: NC Dem poll info on House races ????

It appears the North Carolina Democrat Party may have shared some info on internal polling with the girl from the steno pool at Spectrum News.  You know Spectrum.  It’s that white noise usually playing on that TV in the waiting room. (Or in the common…

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Polling: FBI’s revival of Hillary probe boosts Trump in Tar Heel State

{Editor’s Note: The author is president of Americans For Limited Government.] Donald Trump enjoys a 2 percent lead in North Carolina in the first poll conducted in the state in the aftermath of the FBI’s announcement that they are re-opening the investigation of Hillary Clinton….

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New polling points way toward Trump victory

[Editor’s Note:  Mr. Romano is a senior editor at Americans For Limited Government.] The latest battleground state polls show the presidential race is much tighter than the mainstream media and some prognosticators would have you believe. And there is still room for it to flip…

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#ncpol: Polls. DO THEY MATTER in 2016?

During my time in the driveby media and while doing this blogging thing, I have developed relationships with several — some big, some not-so — political campaign consulting professionals.  More than one has told me in recent months and years that they don’t even bother…

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Civitas Poll: It’s Trump and Cruz in NC. (Burr, Undecided in a tight one)

According to our friends at Civitas, the fight in North Carolina for the GOP presidential nomination comes down to Ted Cruz and Donald Trump.  And somebody named Undecided sure is giving two-term senator Richard Burr a run for his money.  The polling was done from…

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Is Team McCrory issuing political ‘hits’ on Senate leaders?

It sounds like something out of one of The Godfather movies, or the final days of Nixon.  But the reports we’re getting make that headline look like a real possibility. Late last week, SOMEBODY was conducting push polling via telephone in the districts of senators…

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#NCSEN: A disconnect with the church-going crowd?

Polling from Raleigh-based American Insights says both of the major parties’ US Senate candidates have some work to do in appealing to church-going voters.  Some of the key findings? : Faith driven voters are one-third of the total North Carolina electorate Ninety-five percent of those…

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#NCSEN: late July Civitas poll has Hagan (D) 41, Tillis (R) 39, Haugh (L) 7

Folks are still taking the political temperature, and things are still looking tight in the US Senate race.  Civitas polled 600 registered voters from July 28-29.    With a four percent margin of error, the Raleigh-based conservative group finds the race between the three major…

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Problems with Elon polling on NC marriage referendum

        Previously, I have cited a major problem with polling produced by Elon University.  They poll only RESIDENTS — i.e., whoever answers the phone — instead of the more reliable REGISTERED VOTERS or LIKELY VOTERS.   So, Elon poll respondents could be your…