Civitas Poll: It’s Trump and Cruz in NC. (Burr, Undecided in a tight one)

download (6)According to our friends at Civitas, the fight in North Carolina for the GOP presidential nomination comes down to Ted Cruz and Donald Trump.  And somebody named Undecided sure is giving two-term senator Richard Burr a run for his money. 

The polling was done from March 3-7. There were 500 likely Democrat voters and 500 likely Republican voters polled.  Each sample had a 4.38 percent margin of error. (Kinda high there, guys.)  Republicans were asked about the GOP races, and Dems were asked only about the Dem races — I think. 

The presidential candidates were compared to January 16th polling results in the state.  In January, Trump had support from 25 percent of burrNCGOPers, but that had grown to 32% by March 7.  Cruz had 22% in January and 26% on March 7.   Rubio came in with 11% — unchanged from January.  (Boy, those endorsements from Jason Saine and Thom Tillis REALLY paid off, huh?)

Let’s go to the GOP race for US Senate.  In January, Burr was pulling down 45 percent of the vote.  On March 7, he was at 42 percent.  Total Lean / Undecided was at 42 percent in January but is now at 39 percent.  Of the three challengers, Greg Brannon is performing the best.  His support doubled during this period — from 7 percent in January to 14 percent in March.   These are rather shocking numbers for a known incumbent who has been hanging out in Washington for two decades  (two terms in the Senate and several in the House).

(*Gosh, undecided sure is giving Tricky Dick a race.  I need to find out more about this guy — er, gal. Or guy?*) 

The Council of State races are all wide open with huge undecided numbers.  Those will clearly be determined by the performance of top-ticket campaigns.cruz

Disappointingly, the polling finds ConnectNC gaining support.  Forty-two percent were supporting it in January, but that has grown to 49 percent in March. Against was 35% in January, but 33 percent in March.  One positive?  Eighteen percent of respondents were undecided or refused to comment.  ConnectNC opponents still have some work to do. 

20 thoughts on “Civitas Poll: It’s Trump and Cruz in NC. (Burr, Undecided in a tight one)

  1. It says “likely Republican voters.” I guess that can include people registered unaffiliated who choose the GOP ballot.

    1. I have been a republican all my life and am about to turn 70 years old.After the party choose our candidates for us and we had no choice but to vote for Tillis .He went to DC and thru us under the bus just like the rest of them did so I changed to unaffilllated.That does not make me a democrat? I was trying to send my party a message which they didn’t get.

      1. I concluded the only way would hear anything, is by shutting off the money. I’m unaffiliated now and they get no more convention fees from me.

        1. This only lets the Evil beast live and grow when all the good people leave the party and no one is left to support the people trying to do the right thing

          When someone gets up at convention to try and do the right thing
          or a executive committee meeting
          or a central committee meeting
          or a chairman
          or anyone trying to do the right thing
          and all the good people left
          The party is then only left with a majority trying to do harm and then they have all the power because the good people said bye bye and never looked back

  2. Not my original idea but how is it POSSIBLE that a Cruz or Trump supporter would vote for Burr, the embodiment of the Establishment and all that Cruz and Trump abhor!? Same with the bond?? What are these voters thinking?

      1. Cruz voters are informed conservatives. Trump voters are largely conservative oriented low information voters who listen to what Trump says now and agree with it, but do not comprehend that he has taken very different positions not too long ago. Being low information voters, many Trump voters also do not understand the bond issue or Burr’s real record.

        1. Exactly and I like you around here you explain things better than my attempts most of the time

        2. Low information voters are killing us. I’m strongly leaning toward there being a required poll test in order to vote. I’m already 100% on board for a property requirement to vote.

          1. J.P.Jones there is a poll test procedure being persued in several states including North Carolina.
            It includes automatic term limits and an open, write-in ballot.
            “The Suffrage and Elector Process” which is how it was originally set up by our Founders according to Constitutional Law and was originally conducted!
            Florida is well into implementing this powerful procedure which will eliminate most election corruption and ignorant voters.
            Stayed tuned!

    1. Most people don’t even know who Richard Burr is. The only time he has ever spoken up was to say defunding Obamacare is the dumbest idea he ever heard.

  3. Connect NC (tax-payer paid) ads stooped to portraying the NC Army National Guard as funded mainly through cookie sales and raffles, and that only NC Connect cold pull their chestnuts out of the fire long enough to defend our shores. Hope you drag them over the coals for this sorry piece of disinformation.

  4. Folks are showing up at the polls very confused about the bond and saying they had seen the National Guard ad. When showed the numbers from Connect NC Committee’s own glossy folder, they were totally shocked!

  5. Go to electioneer at the polls and hand out NC Against the Bond flyers and Greg Brannon brochures. People are hungry for information on someone to vote for other than Burr and they are more than happy to vote AGAINST THE BOND when the info is presented. I simply tell the drive by voters who are in a big fat hurry, “Vote No on the bond unless you want your taxes to go to UP.” That gets em every time.

  6. Funny how Cruz and wife just conveniently happened to be in the immediate vicinity of the protests in Chicago last night for comment and more Donald bashing. Opportunististic?
    He says Donald is to blame for the violence. Done with Cruz. True colors.

    1. I’m not happy with my Cruz vote today. I don’t like his CFR and Goldman connections. But I remember what a blowhard Kasich was on FOX and Rubio is another opportunist like Trump.

    2. Donald is to blame because unlike Cruz and Rubio or Kasich none of these three tell people at rallies to attack others and they will pay the persons legal fees

      Did Donald create all the violence at his rally NO but he allowed other violent people and other anti republican groups the opportunity and the power to show up at his rally and cause the violence and make the conservative movement to once against look live the side that supports evil

  7. Burr is such the establishment guy, he claims to be a conservative which is such BS. Nothing would make happier than to primary him. The sooner we unload Tillis the better, too.

    I am voting against the bond as well, the legislative corruption is just incredible, as is the UNC cronyism.

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