Campaign polling ???????



Yes, indeed.  Perhaps it’s time to interrupt the wall-to-wall COVID talk to remind ourselves there is a pretty big election coming up in a few months.  Cardinal Point Analytics of Raleigh conducted some phone polling of likely North Carolina voters between July 13 and July 15.  (Their work has a margin-of-error of +/- 4.2 percent.)

Polling has been getting more and more wildly erratic  with the advent of cell phones, unlisted numbers, and caller ID.  (I believe a total of ONE poll picked Thom Tillis to beat Kay Hagan in 2014.)

With that out of the way,  let’s look at some findings:

  • Donald Trump – 48.6%, Joe Biden 47.7%
  • Cal Cunningham – 47.3%, Thom Tillis – 44.2%
  • Roy Cooper — 49%, Dan Forest 46.4%
  • Mark Robinson — 43%, Yvonne Holley 39.1% (17% undecided)

ALL of these are within the margin of error and / or have large undecided blocs.  So that means we’ve got a pack of close races staring at us right now.


Mark Robinson, the GOP lieutenant governor nominee, should take some pride in his showing.  As an amateur / rookie candidate,  he’s leading career politician and Raleigh fixture Yvonne Holley. Something tells me this race will depend on how the governor’s race goes.


3 thoughts on “Campaign polling ???????

  1. Well, well, well. I can now predict that Dan Forest will be our next governor!
    Governor Duffus has shot both feet off with his Covid debacle, school closings and marching with
    the Antifa terrorists in Charlotte. You can run Duffus but you can’t hide from your liberal socialist record.
    Can’t wait to see Duffus hide in the basement when Biden comes to the state. LMAO

  2. Good to see Lt. Dan is actually so close to the Doof. With how much his campaign has been restricted it is surprising anyone who is not a hard core follower of politics knows he is running.

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