Back to School with ol’ Roy



Well,  Governor Doofus has released his “plan” to get the kiddos back into. school.   And it sounds like his grand plan is being bad-mouthed from all corners — parents, educrats, teachers, and politicians.  The staggered schedules and various options in the Cooper plan are expected to play quite a bit of havoc in homes headed by two working parents or a working single parent.



One of the loudest voices criticizing Cooper’s proposal is Lt. Gov. Dan Forest:

“Governor Cooper’s long-delayed ‘no-plan’ plan for reopening schools fails our students and has left working-class parents across North Carolina scrambling to figure out how to juggle their jobs and child’s education.  The Cooper Administration’s never-ending fear campaign ignores their own science and data on how COVID-19 impacts young people. In doing so, he exposes our children to greater risks – not just falling further behind in their education, but for the mental and physical damage that isolation, hunger, and neglect will have on their well-being, specifically for our low-income and special needs students. 


As many other states have already given families the option to either do virtual learning or get back into the classroom, it makes you wonder what is really going on here. As a state, we can protect our most vulnerable children, teachers, and school administrators, while getting the rest of our students back to school in a safe and responsible manner.”