#ncga: NC Dem poll info on House races ????

It appears the North Carolina Democrat Party may have shared some info on internal polling with the girl from the steno pool at Spectrum News.  You know Spectrum.  It’s that white noise usually playing on that TV in the waiting room. (Or in the common room at the nursing home.)

Anybody can throw lists together.  It’s interesting – and quite telling — that they’re not releasing cross-tabs / margins of error / or actual numbers.


They may have a case for a few in the “Democrat leading” list, but the “on the bubble” list is full of, um, “wishful thinking.”

Greenville’s Greg Murphy has a ton of money, a weak general election opponent, and a local electorate that has been trending RED lately.  Pittman’s biggest challenge is the GOP primary.  Holly Grange’s district typically settles everything in the GOP primary.  

As far as the “expanding targets” list goes — the NCGOP hope-hope-hopes their opponents spend money against Mike Speciale, George Cleveland, and David Lewis in the general election.  *Talk about flushing money down the toilet.*

3 thoughts on “#ncga: NC Dem poll info on House races ????

  1. 6 weeks before the 2016 General looked a bit like this. Brawley and Bradford and Bryan were all losing big, as was one or two other being a tight race. In Wake Dollar,Avila, Pendleton and Malone all appeared to have lost. Avila Malone and Pendleton were all down about 10 points with a little over a month to go. Repubs lost 3 of the races. In the end Bradford, Brawley and Malone all over performed. Thats not to say they dont have to over perform again. Polls in some primaries are seriously overwhelming which suggests some are wasting resources when they need them for the general. They have to merge as one and fight the good fight. We need to take time out of intramural disagreements, even if real and important, and win. Without it all Repubs will lose.

  2. I could not agree more with you ,Pete Lonergan, about intramural disagreements. Small potatoes and personal spats have no place at the table. Not now. All such can be revisited. “We the people” have our Country and its Constitution to defend. If Donald Trump had not been elected there would no such span of opportunity. The army of Karl Marx and Saul Alinsky is on steroids. While the socialist movement has been timeless, no one can effectively make argument to the contrary that Communism blossomed the day BHO took office destined to further mature under Hillary. The only difference between Communism and Socialism is the spelling. Immature minds cannot comprehend this. We and the POTUS have a problem on our hands.
    Browny Douglas

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