#ncga: Kelly Hastings and his campaign finances. (*SIGH*)

We’ve reported at length on state Rep. Kelly Hastings and the, um, adventurous style with which he manages his campaign finances. His year-end 2017 report is living up to the reputation of his previous filings.

His report shows he’s spent $20,136.70 this election cycle — despite only recently gaining a primary opponent. His report shows that Hastings’s campaign has made “debt payment(s)” to Hastings totaling $8,547.59 for the election cycle.  (There is no mention of the details surrounding said debt.)  Yet, the cover page of the report shows a big fat ZERO on the line seeking info about “loan repayments.”  The same is true for the line seeking information on “debts and obligations owed by the committee.”

On another part of the web site, there is a section which shows “debts owed by the committee” with details on a $4,468.76 “debt” to Hastings.  The details of that payment include $116.35 for “print cartridge” and another $142.50 for “web hosting.”  First, that is an incredibly high fee for web hosting.  Perhaps it’s for a whole year in advance.  Though, one other thing makes it especially curious. THIS is the only evidence of a campaign website we could find.  (It sure doesn’t look like he’s getting his money’s worth.)   His Twitter feed promotes a Facebook page touting his reelection campaign.  But Facebook does not charge for setting up a page. 

There are also itemizations for thousands of “unreimbursed miles” with no detail about what kind of official or campaign business they were tied to.