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1979 is calling. It wants its President Back.

The 1970s were a hellish decade for  this country.  Inflation out the wazoo. Skyrocketing gas prices. Oil embargoes.  Record unemployment.  Communist aggression rampant around the globe. The rise of radical Islamists. An exploding welfare state.  Bell-bottom jeans.  Hippies. Disco. Sure, That 70s Show made it…

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Republican? Misspell? Misspeak? You’re Dumb. Democrat? Not so much. Probably TIRED.

Dan Quayle has been out of office for 22 years now.  But he will never live down that fateful day he spent officiating a spelling bee at a New Jersey school. Politicians at that level are conditioned to reading exactly what staff prepares for them…

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Holder: Black Panther Thugs @ Polls? (*Yawn*) Show ID @ NC polls? SUE !!!!!

Egged on by Kay Hagan — our senior US senator who also, BTW, happens to be Chuck Schumer’s sock puppet — Barry Obama has dispatched his attorney general Eric Holder to sue North Carolina over its new law requiring photo ID to vote in the…

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For Senate GOP, surrender IS apparently an option

    We’ve been hearing all about “a grand compromise” in the US Senate over filibusters and votes over Obama administration nominees.  Let’s review the details of the “compromise”: Harry Reid won’t go “nuclear” — i.e., change the rules so that nominees can sail through…

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Barack Hussein OCarter

I’m old enough to remember the disgrace that was the Carter presidency, and I am sure many of our readers are. After seeing those photos of the mob overrunning the US embassy in Cairo, yanking down the American flag, my mind wandered back to similar…

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The DNC in NC: Whodini was wrong. (The freaks come out in the daytime, too.)

  There’s been a sudden explosion of purple hair and tongue-piercings in the vicinity of Trade & Tryon.  Barney Frank — a/k/a “The Banking Queen” — checked into his hotel with a belt strapped around his neck.  The Occupy mob and the Code Pink crew…

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Obama’s (and the Democrats’) problem personified

        We’re getting hit by polls in the mainstream media suggesting that Obama is leading Romney, or that the race is too-close-to-call. I had an eye-opening chat with an old friend this weekend that makes me question some of that media spin….

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Walter Dalton & Barry Obama: bureaucratic parasites, economic gurus

I find it absolutely amazing that someone who has spent their WHOLE adult life on the government payroll could have the gall to portray themselves as an expert on what’s best for the private sector.   First, we get Barack Hussein Obama (mmmm — mmmm —…

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Tedesco: Screaming pro-Obama teacher NEEDS to Go

          John Tedesco, Republican candidate for NC public schools superintendent, has called for a Salisbury teacher —  made famous via a viral video —  to resign her post: John Tedesco, a Republican candidate for North Carolina superintendent of public instruction, released…

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Feds turn off the money spigot for long-term unemployed in NC

Remember when those highly compassionate souls — Bev Perdue, Barry Obama, et. al — told us that unemployment benefits NEEDED to be extended by 20 weeks (even though we have NO money to pay for it)?  The time limit was 79 weeks, but it got…