Walter Dalton & Barry Obama: bureaucratic parasites, economic gurus

I find it absolutely amazing that someone who has spent their WHOLE adult life on the government payroll could have the gall to portray themselves as an expert on what’s best for the private sector.   First, we get Barack Hussein Obama (mmmm — mmmm — mmmm) telling us that “the private sector is doing just fine.” 

Really?  (I guess if you want the private sector to crash and burn, it IS doing JUST FINE. )

Now, here comes Walter Dalton, Democrat candidate for North Carolina governor, apparently trying to one-up his presidential candidate and ticket-mate.  According to his campaign web site,  Dalton graduated from law school and went right to work as Rutherford County attorney.  He went from county attorney to the North Carolina Senate.  In 2008, he got elected lieutenant governor.

(There is something in there about “working in banking” right out of undergrad– which was likely a teller job for a few years.  There  is also something in there about Dalton being the “managing partner” in a law firm.  How did he do that while serving as county attorney, state senator, and lieutenant governor?  It was likely an arrangement that allowed him to share in the firm’s profits while not actually doing any  work for the firm.  The partners benefited by having a “celebrity” on the firm’s shingle.)

Any journalist  — with half a brain — should be able to look at the backgrounds of these two guys and ask either of them: “With your long history of working for the government, what gives you any credibility to speak out about what’s best for business and the economy?”

Dalton’s web site also asks visitors if they are “ready to move North Carolina forward.”   Let’s see.  Ol’ Walter has been in The General Assembly as a senator, and as lieutenant governor, non-stop since 1996.  He’s HAD sixteen years on Jones Street to roll out this whole “moving forward” thing. 

Dalton is now showing off his business acumen by bashing The General Assembly for actually letting businesses keep more of their hard-earned money.   Barry, Walter, let me clue you in on a little secret:  Uncertainty is what is strangling the American economy. 

Every time a politician steps up to the mike and demagogues about jacking up taxes and having the government take over health insurance, businesses pucker up and go into a defensive posture.  They hold on to their money and put off investments like hiring, facilities expansions, etc. 

 Contrary to what lifelong government employees believe, business leaders don’t tend to hoard their money.  Most like to reinvest their funds in other endeavors.   People with money investing in stuff is what keeps our country strong and grows our economy.

It also doesn’t help when you have Republicans run for Congress saying they are going to repeal ObamaCare, then — once elected — decide they only want to tweak it. 

We hear whiny excuses from congressional Republicans talking about how it’s going to take “time” to roll back ObamaCare.  The Left sure crammed the orginal legislation down our throats in one fell swoop.  Why can’t we repeal it in one fell swoop?

Again, it’s all about the uncertainty caused by elected officials and their big motor-mouths.  If politicians REALLY want to help the economy, they need to stop talking, stop scaring the crap out of everyone, and get their grimy fingers out of the economy.   The market place– free of governmental and bureaucratic encumbrances – can work amazingly well if it is actually allowed to do so.