Beaufort County Commissioner sounds off on Thom Tillis, Arthur Williams



Republican activists in Eastern North Carolina are continuing to fume over allegations that GOP leaders in Raleigh are meddling in local primaries.  Earlier this week, a GOP activist from Carteret County told us that Speaker Thom Tillis, NCGOP vice chair Wayne King, and some others “bullied” her over her distribution of fliers at the NCGOP convention which alleged meddling in primaries.  Now, a prominent Republican elected official from Beaufort County, county commissioner Hood Richardson,  is stepping up to toss in his two cents on the whole primary meddling controversy:

All conservatives got a surprise when several self certified conservative Republicans suddenly flipped to the liberal side. Ashley Woolard and Bill Tarpenning, announced they are actively working as paid political managers for the liberal  Arthur Williams who demanded a run off with Mattie Lawson, the conservative Republican. Lawson beat both Williams and Jeremy Adams but did not get enough of the vote to avoid a run off. Jeremy Adams, after representing himself as a Ron Paul conservative endorsed Williams. Politically,Williams is as far the left as you can get and a Ron Paul conservative is as far the right as you can get. It all looks like sour grapes, if Adams is what he said he is? Rumors have been around for some time that Woolard, Tarpenning and Greg Dority recruited Williams.

Williams has not hesitated in the past to hire and donate money to those who he thought could deliver votes. […]

Williams did show his loyalty to Thom Tillis, Speaker of the House, by donating $1,000 to his campaign. With Williams demonstrated ability to kiss up to past Speakers, Tillis will reward Williams with plenty of campaign money if Williams can just survive the run off with conservative Republican Mattie Lawson. Tillis did not take any chances with Arthur, when he cancelled his commitment to be the keynote speaker at the local Republican convention held at the Beaufort County Community College last month. Tillis cancelled at the very last minute and Williams was a no show too. This event was held before the primary election and Tillis did not want to face the supporters of conservative Mattie Lawson and opportunist Jeremy Adams in public after he took Arthur Williams money.

 Williams says he was blessed by the big boy Republicans in Raleigh, so I guess that would be Tillis.

We are seeing more and more evidence the Republican Party leadership in Raleigh along with their hacks are trying to hand pick puppets from Eastern North Carolina. Republicans and Unaffiliated voters in the Republican primary defeated this effort when Michael Speciale, Norm Sanderson, and Bill Cook beat their Raleigh blessed opponents in the primaries. If conservative voters who dislike party boss politics will come out for the Lawson/Williams election and defeat Williams, a clear message will land in Raleigh. We do not like party bosses. We have had enough of party controlled politics. The Basnight system will no longer work in Eastern North Carolina. If we will return to our founding fathers’ roots. Party boss politics will not work any where in these United States. Corruption and socialism need to be gone for good.

(For those who may not recall, Arthur Williams used to serve in the state House as a Democrat.  He strongly supported Marc Basnight and the 2008 election of Barack Obama.  He has switched to the GOP, and is running for an open state House seat.)

It sounds like the folks on Hillsborough and Jones Streets in Raleigh have awakened a sleeping giant, and that giant is P.O.’ed. 

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  1. ”Awful Arthur” Williams also was a sock puppet for corrupt liberal Democrat House Speaker Jim Black. At the point he switched parties, there was clear involvement by the ”big boys” in Raleigh who clearly intended to run him as a ”Republican” for a legislative office. If one looks at Williams’ contributors, they are still his old network of Democrat cronies and special interests, and that is who would own him if he went back to Raleigh. The Raleigh GOP leadership are naive fools if they think Williams would be their yes man, as he would still be owned by those who bankroll him.

    As to Dority, Tarpening, and Woolard, these lightweights are just playing someone else’s game. Dority bragged all during his alleged run for a variety of Council of State offices that the ”big boys” in Raleigh were pulling his strings every step of the way. Woolard and Tarpening seem to be even more bit players than Dority.

  2. I’m glad to see all this RINO establishment interference so coming to light. Wayne King would resign if he had an ounce of integrity.

    I wonder too about Jeremy Adams. Why on earth does an arch conservative endorse RINO Williams? Why are none of Adams campaign finance reports filed with the SBOE? What is he hiding?

  3. Connect the dots, Adams endorses Williams, and supported Greg Dority, both Tillis implants. Now hiding finance reports…wonder why??? Was Adams a Tillis implant to split the Lawson vote??? Time will tell. I bet the Ron Paulers are realing!

  4. If the article above came in liquid form, it would have to be kerosene. It doesn’t have quite the flashpoint of gasoline, but once lit still burns hot. A variation of kerosene is what fuels jet engines.

    As a former Republican, (unaffiliated) natural-born citizen and resident of North Carolina, I am disgusted by the arrogant, self-serving, and destructive behavior of party loyalists and party leadership in both major political parties. They treat our state (and nation’s) governance like opposing cheerleaders and coaches of a middle school football team.

    They speak from both sides of their mouths, and rarely walk the walk they talk. A lifelong resident of Beaufort County confided last week that Williams’ decision to run was not based on conviction, passion over issues or principle, or anything noble or honorable, but simply to add to state employee retirement kitty. Well isn’t that just cricket?

    Being a loyal Raleigh insider, and hearing the winds of change realized by tea party and constitutionalist efforts in the state that resulted in the GOP’s taking over both the N.C. House and Senate for the first time in over 100 years, it could be argued that Williams felt a party change was in order… or rather his party affiliation.

    So, now he’s a Republican. That’s supposed to mean what? That he now believes in the Constitution and Bill of Rights? Doubtful. Considering the actions of Speaker Tillis and House Majority Leader Stam, who killed a resolution on the NDAA at the convention last week by misrepresenting its purpose, and by stagnating (even bullying) Representatives in the House from supporting H.R. 982, I’m hard-pressed to believe ANY of the GOP leadership in Raleigh gives a crap about the Constitution or Bill of Rights. All their glorious prose and speeches mean nothing. When the rubber meets the road, they buckle, cower, coerce, and avoid their most basic duty as public servants: defending our God-given Inalienable Rights from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

    The sleeping giant is awake, and yes, he’s P.O’d. This voter will NOT vote for any legislator that fails to not just support, but “fight for” the Bill of Rights against a rogue federal government. If H.R. 982 doesn’t pass, it will be because Republican power-brokers in Raleigh killed it, period.

    More to come on all of this. Oh, and for the record, if I lived in Mattie Lawson’s district, she would have my vote. She may be new to politics, but she’s educated, informed on the issues, and a principled, conservative Christian. That trumps what the DNC and RNC represent any day.

    Jeff Lewis
    National Director
    Patriot Coalition

    1. Jeff you stated my feelings to the T. Both the State of NC and Federal Government are corrupt and sold out a long time ago to commies and socialist.

  5. I am not sure about characterizing me as an “arch-conservative”. That implies authoritarianism and I’m a hardcore individualist and voluntarist. I am much better categorized as a Classical Liberal (like the Founders) when they stood in opposition to the collectivist conservatives (the British Loyalist Tories).

    In general that would make a traditional conservative, but lately the term conservative has been twisted to mean authoritarianism (like butting your nose in other people’s lives when it doesn’t affect you or anyone else except the people who you are intruding upon). While I do not subscribe to that kind of awful tyrannical conservatism I realize that the definition of terms are not very lucid depending on who is using them.

    My endorsement of Arthur Williams (who was rated most conservative among the Democrats by Civitas) was a decision that had multi-layers. The first and most pressing on me was that Williams was a gentleman to me. Williams had the resources and opportunity to attack me and he did not. He was above board and ran his own race. Lawson, on the other hand, was a vicious snake who made up insane lies about me and then was broadcasting them on the online, in the newspaper and on the radio.

    Williams is supported by Tillis as noted this weekend past when Tillis admitted supporting Williams because Williams so often crossed the aisle to help the Republicans even while as a Democrat. But what doesn’t seem to be mentioned very often is who is supporting Lawson. Lawson didn’t just come up with the idea to run on her own. She got “selected” in her own words. [] Well since Tillis was supporting Williams, who was supporting Lawson? It doesn’t take an investigative reporter to figure out that it was the faction of hard core social cons (as C.S. Lewis calls them: moral busybodies) that is lead in the House by Majority Leader Paul “Skip” Stam who has his eye on the Speakership.

    Stam has been the leading proponent against Liberty issues. For example, at the state convention he lead the charge in shutting down North Carolina following Virginia’s footsteps and nullifying the indefinite detention clauses of the NDAA. Further talk with him reveals that he has zero interest in nullifying anything the Federal Government hands down to the states.

    What faction did I belong to? None. I didn’t even know these two were warring over the Speaker of the House position until after I started to run. But if you start paying attention, it doesn’t take very long to figure out which side many of these players are on.

    The Haymaker seems to be ignoring Stam’s contributions to “party boss” politics. Of course, all the accusations against Tillis (while probably right) are in fact coming from the side that plays the same game but are losing at it. Thus they are pointing fingers at Tillis. (Not that I am defending him by any means.)

    I have only met Tillis twice. Once at the 2011 State Convention where I just shook his hand after the break-out session featuring the legislators and once at the 2012 State Convention where he didn’t have a clue who I was until I said my name and then only had a brief “how are you?” and that was the extent of our conversation.

    I stated my intention to run at the Dare County GOP Tactical Meeting in January where Lawson was in full attendance, looked me straight in the eye when I said it, and then announced her intention to run two weeks later. The idea that I ran as a Tillis plant to take away her vote is not only incredible, but it defies logic. Her vote are the stuffy authoritarians who want to tell us how to live and spend our money as easily as the liberals just instead they spend it trying to kill Muslism or in corporatism, contractors, war profiteers and other tax-funded big government. I stand in stiff opposition to corporatism and rampant militarism.

    I’m an actual extreme fiscal conservative as I believe truly in the limitations of government by the federal and state Constitutions. Unfortunately, neither of my former opponents in the House race had that kind of fiscal policy, so when I endorsed one it was outside that spectrum.

    I came out against the Marriage Amendment because it is big government and any government licensing of marriage is a violation of our inalienable rights given by God. Lawson said that if we didn’t get the marriage amendment that people would start marrying dogs.

    In fact, it could be just as easily said that I split away many more of Williams’ votes because I got second in William’s home turf.

    Williams won in three counties. Lawson got last in the biggest county.

    Who do you honestly think that can beat Paul Tine?

    I wasn’t hiding finance reports. I made a rookie error with the financial reporting software (it isn’t very user friendly and doesn’t actually submit the reports as one might expect it to do, you have to email the report, which I didn’t realize until Thursday). My Treasurer and I are both new to this and we had never delved into running campaigns or campaign finance before. However, on Thursday when this error was made known to me by the SBOE (the first I had heard of it) we worked on getting it submitted correctly. And as you will soon see, I didn’t get any donations from ANY political entities except from one legislator and one party chair: $25.00 from Rep. Glen Bradley and $100 from the former Dare GOP Chair: Pat Patterson (who gave Mattie Lawson $300). In fact, my biggest donation was actually only $500 which came from one of my West Point classmates who lives in Tennessee.

    I supported Greg Dority because he subscribes to the same Austrian Economics that I do. He knows the dangers of allowing the Federal Reserve in control of monetary policy, how inflation and relying on fiat currency is killing the economy and he is even known around town as the “nickel guy” because he knows that the value of of the metal in nickel outstrips the fiat value on the face of the money that goes down consistently and thus collects the nickels in anticipation whenever he gets change.

    Furthermore, Greg was the one who suggested I go appeal to the Skip Stam crowd when I first announced my run. He said I should go to Harvey West, who was tight with Stam, and see if I couldn’t get help for my race since that side had started to realize their error with Lawson who was turning out not to be a very strong candidate. But it is kind of odd for a Tillis plant to suggest, don’t you think? Anyway, Greg can defend himself well enough, but my support for Greg came not from his connections in Raleigh (if any exist) but because he actually understands economics and I can talk to him in my economic language without blank stares.

    I would be happy to discuss this at length with anyone who has more questions and concerns.

    I have nothing to hide.

    Jeremy D. Adams

    (252) 564-9568
    jeremy .at.

    1. Mr. Adams:
      It takes you 1208 words to explain trivial reasons for supporting Arthur. Not a word about principle. You are a perfect example of what is wrong with politics in this state and nation. It is P-R-I-N-C-I-P-L-E-S son, and that is what a lover of Liberty stands on. Not the drivial you spew.

      1. Pray tell, what principle should I stand on? That we should elect people that are chosen by one team but not another?

        We should elect people that attack others that stand on liberty principles? Lawson only made it this far because she attacked me with lies and deceit.

        But Lawson was also selected, lest we forget.

  6. Also, Lawson was the most outspoken detractor of Walter Jones, who has been a hero fighting for Liberty over the past few years. When Lawson spends two years venomously attacking the only people doing the right things in Congress, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that I won’t be supporting them.

    1. Mr. Adams, you say it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that you wouldn’t support Lawson. Why then, did you say a month and a half prior to your endorsement of Williams that Mattie Lawson would have your support in a runoff?

      1. I’m afraid that I did not say such a thing a month and a half prior. I did say that in February. But that was #1, before Lawson started using deceit and lies to attack me (like attacking my service record, claiming that I was against states’ rights and pro-abortion). And #2, also when I was still hoodwinked by everyone claiming that Williams was so terrible. After I looked up his record on Civitas (actually look at it, not just take their arbitrary F rating) and then sitting down with him a few times, I realized that he was not nearly the “liberal” he’s been made out to be. Even Civitas rated him as the most conservative Democrat, within the Republican Caucus I’m sure he’ll do tremendously better by their “ranking”.

        1. No, Jeremy, you said you would support Lawson over RINO Williams in MARCH… does this post from March 13th ring a bell?

          “Of course, it would be easier if Ms. Lawson was not in the race for me to win, however, she is in the race and if she wins the primary I will support her, but I’m going to give it my all to make sure that I am the winner.” – Jeremy D. Adams, March 13, 2012 | 12:52 PM

          The lies aren’t helping you, Jeremy, especially when they are so easily refuted.

          Also, where are those campaign finance reports you said you filed nearly two weeks ago when this “error was made known to [you].” What are you hiding? Do you not want something to become public before the July runoff??

    2. Jones let us down on the most important vote in Congress this past session, the increase in the debt ceiling. Sure, he voted against it on the final vote when the supporters had votes to spare because more Democrats were on board at that juncture, but on the critical procedure vote to move the Boehner ”compromise” which contained both the debt increase and the ”super committee” forward, Jones voted with the Washington DC establishment. That procedural vote only passed by one vote. If Jones had sided with the taxpayers, the Tea party, the RLC, conservatives, and common sense Americans, he could have defeated the debt increase. Every South Carolina Republican congressman voted against the Boehner ”compromise”. Jones let us down big time on this key vote. Maybe that is why Washington DC establishment enforcer Eric Cantor, who has even gotten into Senate races to help RINO’s like Lugar, endorsed Jones in the primary. Politicians are known by the company they keep and keeping company with Eric Cantor is bad news. Cantor, BTW has a Tea Party primary challenger in his primary today.

  7. Mr. Adams, haven’t you figured out the reason Williams did not attack you is that, he knew the real race was between the frontrunner, Mattie Lawson and himself. You were a sideshow who had the potential to take away some anti-Williams votes. He had every strategic reason to see that you got more votes as they were most likely to come from Lawson than himself. Some have contended that you were a plant from the beginning but I have seen nothing so far but speculation as to that, and one has to discount mere speculation. Of course, the fact that Jerry Evans, a friend and fellow Democrat mole of Williams DID run interferance for Williams leads people to suspect that someone who suddenly appeared in the race at the last minute might well be doing the same thing.

    Williams is despised by most of the longtime active conservative Republicans in Beaufort County. That is who was beating the bushes to find another candidate to take on Williams. There is not a lot of trust among many Beaufort County Republicans for anybody from Raleigh.

    Neither Skip Stam nor Thom Tillis is anyone we should be looking to lead us. Stam got into politics as a one trick pony on the right to life issue, and maybe had a bit of interest in some other social issues, but throughout his career has been out to lunch on anything else. Tillis got into politics by being recruited by the moderate faction then led by party traitor Richard Morgan to run against an incumbent conservative state representative in the primary in Mecklenburg County. Neither is what we need as a leader, and I am sure that there will be better choices coming forward. Harold Brubaker, who was the brains behind the Richard Morgan treason, is NOT one of them! Both Morgan and Brubaker openly described themselves as moderates in those days, when they were allied with corrupt liberal Democrat Speaker Jim Black.

    Brubaker, who also wants to be Speaker, and is light years worse than Stam, has attended an Arthur Williams fundraiser this year. Arthur Williams was Jim Black’s sock puppet back in the days of the Black / Morgan alliance.

    As to ”conservative Democrats”, there was such a critter back a few decades ago, and they were even quite common if you go back far enough, but they have been extinct for a while. A ”blue dog” is at best a moderate liberal Democrat instead of a flaming liberal Democrat. Most of them at the federal level turned out to be Pelosi lap puppies in the final analysis and their Raleigh cousins are no different. Calling Williams a conservative Democrat is about as uninformed as calling Obama a conservative Democrat or Jim Hunt calling himself a conservative Democrat.

  8. Anytime you have a politician who spends alot more money than the job pays, we have a problem. This constitutes seeking power for it’s own sake with personal enrichment the motivating factor. Any time you have a candidate who pulls an “Arlen Specter”, we have a problem. Are principled beliefs that easily cast aside? We have a big problem. We have a preponderance of career politicians who have benefited too such a degree that their old job (if they had one) no longer appeals to them. Since the current crop of politicians has only made things worse for the next generations with their incessant meddling, perhaps we need to turn things over to the generations that are stuck with this mess. Term limits and no special benefits for the peoples’ representatives, do your duty and returning home to live the way the rest of us have to

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