Duke Energy, The Democrats & KARMA





Duke Energy  has dumped a lot of money into the Democrat National Convention effort in Charlotte. Duke boss Jim Rogers has been a very good friend and contributor to Democrat politicians and causes.

Now,  the energy giant finds that all it has to show for its efforts and money is a very unflattering ad suggesting it partook in corrupt activities with Republican gubernatorial candidate Pat McCrory:

No company has been more supportive of the Democratic National Convention than Charlotte-based Duke Energy. And few people have been as supportive of the party as Duke Chairman Jim Rogers.

But this week a Democratic group rejected Duke’s request to pull a TV ad attacking Republican gubernatorial candidate Pat McCrory, a former Duke employee.

The ad questions his ethics while invoking his ties to the utility.

“We’re disappointed with the ad,” said company spokesman Tom Williams. “It seems to have a lot of innuendo.”

You should be disappointed.  You BASICALLY paid for a televised attack on yourself.
I have another friend — a Republican and a major player in North Carolina’s business community — who got burned after playing footsie with a major Democrat politician in North Carolina.  My friend raised money for this Democrat pol, and got — for his trouble — a plum appointment after his guy won.
After the Democrat pol got all of the money and votes my friend had helped him secure, the pol set my friend up to be the scapegoat for a scandal that the pol himself should have taken the fall for.
Democrats talk a good game about wanting to be bipartisan.  But people like my friend and Mr. Rogers need to learn this:  The Democrats do not like capitalists.  They will smile and accept your money and your votes.  But they DON’T like you and will burn you at the very first opportunity.
Stop thinking that you can “bribe” these people into doing a little favor that helps your company out.  Stop playing the lobbying game, and start funneling your money to candidates devoted to prying the bureaucracy’s grimy fingers off of the economy.  That would help YOU and everybody else trying to make a dollar.