The DNC in NC: Whodini was wrong. (The freaks come out in the daytime, too.)


There’s been a sudden explosion of purple hair and tongue-piercings in the vicinity of Trade & Tryon.  Barney Frank — a/k/a “The Banking Queen” — checked into his hotel with a belt strapped around his neck The Occupy mob and the Code Pink crew (clad in their vagina costumes) are on the scene.  Yes folks, it’s time to hide the women and children.  The Party of Barry –the  Democrats, the people the media tells us are the mainstream — have invaded our fair state and are squatting for a week in our highest-taxed municipality. Yes, they are here to celebrate record unemployment, anemic economic growth and all of the other fine work perpetrated by the president of these 57 states, Barack Hussein Obama (MMM-MMM-MMM).

Our glorious failure of a governor, Bev Perdue, got things rolling by claiming — in a televised interview — that the GOP is ready to usher in an era of bleeding women in bathtubs with coat hangers. (I swear, every time this dingbat opens her mouth, it makes it harder and harder for the Democrats to credibly claim Sarah Palin — who also spent some time governing one of our 57 states —  is the incompetent idiot. )

The Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce built a Mt. Rushmore-esque likeness of Barry Obama out of sand and delivered it to the DNC convention site.  I understand there is to be a tribute to the late Senator Ted Kennedy. (Someone on Twitter suggested that — as part of that tribute  to Teddy — the Dems should take the sand Obama, dump it in the water upside down, and leave it there overnight.)

In many ways, Charlotte is the perfect location to host this love-in.  As I said, Charlotte — for over a decade — has had the honor of being our state’s highest-taxed municipality.  The city manager recently described The  Queen City as “declining.” Apparently,  the producers are moving out of town — taking their tax dollars with them — leaving shrinking government coffers to finance the livelihoods of a growing dependent class.  Charlotte is a microcosm of Obama’s ultimate vision for our country.