Working Lands Protection Plan: a backdoor implementation of UN’s Agenda 21?

I’ve learned to be wary of ANYTHING containing the word “sustainable” or any organization whose name contains the word “sustainable.”  That word typically signals an intent to hamstring capitalists and capitalism.

This Working Lands Protection Plan strategy — a federal program being administered by the NC Department of Agriculture — is being strongly pushed in ALL of the counties surrounding Fort Bragg.  The literature promoting this program uses the word “sustainable” quite a bit.  On the surface, the strategy seems harmless:  the preservation of farmland.

Moore County government has its plan on the agenda for Tuesday’s board of commissioners meeting.  I’ve talked with one eagle-eyed politico who has been keeping his eye on this thing.  He tells me the Moore County plan has him worried:

“This plan has people signing away their property rights to the government.  You’re going to have farmers signing away property rights for — say — $50,000 worth of land in exchange for a $2,400 piece of equipment.  In the private sector, that’s predatory lending.   If a bank did that — they’d have the state and federal attorneys general on top of them like white on rice.”

This politico tells me the plan restricts the construction of permanent structures on the land in question:

“You can’t put a barn on it.  You can’t build a house on it.   If a developer wants to offer you $1 million for your property — no dice.  You’ve got the government as a business partner FOREVER.  Let’s say a farmer passes away or retires from farming.  Let’s say his kids have moved away to Charlotte or Raleigh and are not interested in farming.  The kids can’t liquidate their inheritance, because the government has their claws in it.  This is a serious threat to the principle of property rights.  People really need to scrutinize this before signing on to it.”

As I said, these plans are being deliberated on in counties all around Fort Bragg.  My source said he notices some serious similiarities between this strategy and the United Nations’ Agenda 21.  The national Tea Party movement has strongly denounced Agenda 21.  A plank against Agenda 21 was inserted into the 2012 GOP platform.  Many state and local governments — including Moore County —  have passed resolutions protesting Agenda 21.

It will be interesting to see how the debate goes Tuesday night in Carthage.  Anyone thinking about signing on to this needs to FIRST do some serious research.