Republican Liberty Caucus source stands up for Ada Fisher in RNC rule change fight



We recently reported on a video documenting a temper-tantrum / tirade by NCGOP chairman Robin Hayes at the national GOP convention in Tampa.  The meeting documented on video was one called by Dr. Ada Fisher, one of North Carolina’s two representatives on the Republican National Committee.  Dr. Fisher asked for the meeting so that clarification and further discussion could be offered on the controversial proposal to change the delegate selection process for the party’s national conventions.

The source in my story expressed disbelief that Fisher did not show up at the very meeting she asked for.  (Upon viewing the video, we could not spot Dr. Fisher in the room.)  The facts of the situation appeared to indicate that she — and other elected officials — had been intimidated into backing off of the fight against the rules change.

Not so, says a source with the Republican Liberty Caucus who was in attendance at the convention.  This RLC source tells me that Dr.Fisher was not at the meeting on the video because she was at another location in the convention hall fighting the rules change “at the national committee level.”

1 thought on “Republican Liberty Caucus source stands up for Ada Fisher in RNC rule change fight

  1. She’s stared death in the face twice (heart attacks), not sure she can be intimidated, at least by the likes of our current State GOP “leaders”. Having said that and changing the topic slightly, if Romney was directing or aware/OK with what went down, it’s the least intelligent thing I’ve seen him countenance since he started his campaign. I’ve heard rumblings of outrage from several county parties in the past 72 hours. If Romney’s chance to win decreases greatly should he lose North Carolina, he cannot afford to alienate NC GOP leaders at the county/precinct level. I’m not a Paul supporter and neither are the people I know who are the most incensed…their mindset is that if they can do this to the Paul folks, they’ve done it to all of us.

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