Holder: Black Panther Thugs @ Polls? (*Yawn*) Show ID @ NC polls? SUE !!!!!

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Egged on by Kay Hagan — our senior US senator who also, BTW, happens to be Chuck Schumer’s sock puppet — Barry Obama has dispatched his attorney general Eric Holder to sue North Carolina over its new law requiring photo ID to vote in the state’s elections.  New York’s senior senator apparently gave “Our Kay” permission to release the following statement:

Washington, DC – U.S. Senator Kay Hagan today applauded the Justice Department’s decision to challenge new voter access restrictions that were passed into law this year by the North Carolina General Assembly. In August, Hagan urged U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to review the law, which has been called the most restrictive in the country. […]

Wow.  A bald-faced lie in the second sentence.  Sure, screeching leftists have made the claim, but that doesn’t make it TRUE.

To read that letter, please click HERE.

“Now is not the time to be putting up barriers to the right to vote, and I applaud the Justice Department’s decision to challenge the new voter access restrictions in North Carolina that would, among other things, cut off a week of early voting and end same day registration,” said Hagan. “We shouldn’t be giving everyday North Carolinians fewer opportunities to make their voices heard while we are giving corporations more opportunities to influence elections. Restricting access to this basic right is simply not in sync with our North Carolina values, and it goes against our state’s proud tradition of eliminating barriers to participation in the democratic process.”

In the fall 2012 election, more than 2.5 million North Carolinians voted early, 56 percent of the total votes cast.

Never mind that several northeaastern and midwestern states have more restrictive laws than North Carolina’s law. Why let facts get in the way of incoherent leftist babbling?

Of course, Barry and Eric are making the ol’  — wait for itRACISM !!!!  argument.   HOW is it racist or discriminatory to ask EVERYONE who shows up at a polling place for proof of their identity?  According to this video, ol’ Barry doesn’t seem to mind showing his ID at the polls.

Eric & Barry seemed to have NO problem with armed Black Panther thugs skulking around at a Philadelphia polling place.  A former Justice Department official even raised accusations that Holder dropped the charges against the Panthers because of his — Holder’s — political sympathies with their cause.

Let’s see — armed thugs dressed in black and wielding billy clubs outside a polling place is OK.  Asking voters for picture ID is NOT.   *Oh, yeah.  THAT makes sense.*

Jay DeLancy, at The Voter Integrity Project, has tossed in his two cents on Barry & Eric’s move:

 “In filing his frivolous lawsuit today against our state, US Attorney General Eric Holder has hit a new low by dredging up North Carolina’s shameful racist past as a pretense to reverse the most effective election-fraud-prevention legislation our state has undertaken in more than a century.

Mr. Holder’s colossal blunder today will go down in history as a key turning point in our nation’s effort to reverse more than 20 years of enterprise-level election fraud perpetrated against America after President Clinton enacted the National Voter Registration Act (commonly called “Motor Voter”).

We especially look forward to the discovery phase because the evidence and testimony gathered at that time will finally spur public outrage over how fraud-friendly our election laws have become both in North Carolina and beyond.

Earlier this month, we disclosed a NC Board of Election internal document  confirming 475 cases of voter fraud in North Carolina since 2008, but that number only represents the tip of the iceberg.

With today’s desperate legal maneuver, Eric Holder accidentally created a public forum that will show the entire world how criminal elements have been stealing votes and stealing elections in America.

When law-abiding citizens fully realize the level of voter fraud we are experiencing, the public will demand tighter controls over our entire electoral process and for that reason alone, Mr. Holder will rue the day he picked a fight with North Carolina.”


I can’t recall the last time a sitting US senator asked the US Justice Department to sue his or her own constituents.  Our lawyer — Attorney General Roy Cooper — is too busy screwing up cases in the SBI lab and preparing for his 2016 gubernatorial run to DO THE JOB HE WAS ELECTED TO DO.

Even though we already pay ONE lawyer — Cooper — to represent us in court, we’re going to have to go get another one.  How can you be fairly represented in court by a lawyer who has been running all over town saying you’re wrong / guilty?

8 thoughts on “Holder: Black Panther Thugs @ Polls? (*Yawn*) Show ID @ NC polls? SUE !!!!!

  1. Holder is a disgrace to the U.S. Justice Department. He is nothing more than a partisan politico abusing his office for his radical leftist allies. It is also a disgrace that the three NC United States Attorneys did nothing to discourage this political lawsuit from being pursued. They owe a higher duty to the law than they do to Holder!

  2. It is just plain ol’ politics. But it is a smart move by the Democrats in that this political stunt is being funded by the federal taxpayers. I’m thinking this is probably an extension of Rev. Bill’s Moral Monday sideshow. Think of all the lawyers Eric has at his disposal to blanket NC with paperwork. NC will probably go broke defending this but at least maybe then we will no longer have to pay Ms. Mary’s state retirement.

  3. This is one more result of the 17th Amendment. It’s quite apparent Hagan’s allegiance is to Obama and regime rather than the people of North Carolina. I’m sure she doesn’t even realize how insulting her actions are to the good people of NC who sent her to Washington…and hopefully will end her tenure next year.

    In case any one wonders, the new Voter ID law is rather lame and falls short of what many of us would prefer. It certainly is no more onerous than laws enacted all over the northern states, New York for instance. What Hagan is saying is the people of NC are racists and want to curtail someone from voting. If that be the case, why would she want to represent such a state in the US Senate?

  4. A continuous saga of governance by spite.

    “In the beginning the organizer’s first job is to create the issues or problems.”
    ? Saul D. Alinsky, Rules for Radicals: A Pragmatic Primer for Realistic Radicals

    it’s what Progressive statists do.

  5. Not only did Holder pass on the Black Panther armed terrorism at the polls, which he said should not be prosecuted because the victims were white, but he is also currently suing South Carolina because they had the audacity to pass a law requiring secret ballots in union elections. So we have an ultra partisan hack of an AG who opposes the secret ballot AND voter ID. And lets not forget his personally ducking subpoenas in the Fast and Furious scandal and the corrupt pardons he rigged in the Clinton administration.

    Then there are the others that Holder let get away due to his Wall Street ties. Jon Corzine has never been prosecuted in spite of his misappropriating billions of dollars in his investment firm. I guess it helps to be an Obama bundler. Almost none of the sleaze of the Subprime scandal has ever been prosecuted, and none of the higher ups have had to do the perp walk.

    If we had GOP House leaders with any ‘nads, they would have arrested and jailed Holder when he ducked that Fast and Furious subpoena. It is pretty clear that Holder committed perjury in his sworn Congressional testimony and ducking the subpoena helped him cover that up.

  6. Why does Hagan who constantly says she supports the troops stay silent on real voter suppression? The Dept. of Defense and Eric Holder need to be held accountable for suppressing military votes. Election after election we read about failure to get the troops ballots on time. Now is the time to fix it not wait until 2014 is upon us.

    The way to deal with Hagan is to defeat her at the polls. The battle is in the primary, pick a candidate and volunteer / donate…calling Dr. Greg Brannon!

    Holder isn’t suing states that don’t hold early voting, why? NC early voting period was one of the longest in the country, the shortening of the time period was reasonable reform. Holder and Hagan, both need to go.

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