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Loretta Lynch: The NEXT GOP surrender?

No, we’re not talking about The Coal Miner’s Daughter.  We’re talking about the low-key New York prosecutor nominated by BarryO to replace the godawful, horrific Eric Holder as US Attorney General. When Republican presidents nominate conservatives to various federal posts, Democrats in Congress go to…

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Holder: Black Panther Thugs @ Polls? (*Yawn*) Show ID @ NC polls? SUE !!!!!

Egged on by Kay Hagan — our senior US senator who also, BTW, happens to be Chuck Schumer’s sock puppet — Barry Obama has dispatched his attorney general Eric Holder to sue North Carolina over its new law requiring photo ID to vote in the…

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ID for voting, enforcing immigration is BAD. ID for buying guns, beer is GOOD. So sayeth The Sock Puppet.

Gov. Pat McCrory took our advice and signed that voter ID bill passed by the General Assembly.  Kudos to him.  The bill didn’t go as far as I would like to see it go, but something is better than nothing. Of course, the leftists went…

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Campaign 2012: For Dems, it’s no longer about the economy, stupid (It’s ALL ABOUT race.)

“It’s the economy, stupid.” — slogan on bulletin board in 1992 Clinton campaign ‘war room’ In 2008,  Barack Hussein Obama was sold to us as a great unifier, who was going to bring the country together to work for the greater good.  Now that he’s…

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ANOTHER GREAT EXAMPLE of why we need voter ID @ the polls

      James O’Keefe of Project Veritas has DONE IT again.  The guy who pulled off the hooker-pimp scheme that brought down ACORN has now provided us with great ammo for making the case for voter ID requirements at polling places: In a shocking…

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Some common sense on voter ID

          Jonah Goldberg, editor of National Review Online, has it just about right on the issue of voter identification in today’s edition of The Daily: Right now, millions of adult Americans cannot legally fly on an airplane or rent a car….