Campaign 2012: For Dems, it’s no longer about the economy, stupid (It’s ALL ABOUT race.)

“It’s the economy, stupid.”
— slogan on bulletin board in 1992 Clinton campaign ‘war room’

In 2008,  Barack Hussein Obama was sold to us as a great unifier, who was going to bring the country together to work for the greater good.  Now that he’s up for reelection in 2012, and the economy is worse off than when he was sworn in,  Barry’s goons at the national and state levels have decided to double-down on the race issue to save their man’s neck from the political chopping block in November.

Polls in North Carolina and nationally are showing a less enthusiastic level of support for Obama by black voters than in 2008.  Something HAS GOT to be done. 

The other day, a reporter for The Daily Caller shouted a question to Barry-O at a press event, and The Left tried to make it out to be a racial act.  (Never mind that the press corps shouted questions at Reagan and the Bushes ALL THE TIME.) 

Questioning Attorney General Eric Holder about the DOJ’s operation to give guns to Mexican drug cartels has also been labeled by The Left as a racist act.  What matters to these folks  is Holder is black — not that he lied under oath and oversaw a policy aimed at encouraging violent crimes.

The US Justice Department and the North Carolina Democrat Party are attacking efforts to require photo ID at polling places as an effort to discriminate against and suppress blacks attempting to exercise their right to vote.  It can’t POSSIBLY have anything to do with protecting the most sacred, important component of our democratic process. 

In North Carolina, we had an attempt to pay $50,000 apiece to forcibly sterilized state residents (a good chunk of whom happened to be black).  Never mind that the practice ended in 1974.   The idea — which had no chance of passing — HAD to be brought up during Barry-O’s 2012 reelection campaign.  It’s failure to pass the General Assembly gave the Black Caucus one more chance to stir up their voters and demagogue about whitey’s unfairness.

Now, the North Carolina media is trumpeting a “study” by The North Carolina Advocates for Justice (formerly the NC Academy of Trial Lawyers) which alleges that police in North Carolina have been picking on black and Hispanic drivers.  The Academy of Trial Lawyers  – -for eons — has been a mouthpiece and cheerleader for the Democrat establishment.  At the national level, they have regularly been at the forefront of the political lynching of Republican Supreme Court nominees.  Their money has been overwhelmingly dumped into  the campaign coffers of Democrat politicians.   So, there is plenty of reason to be suspicious of a study generated by these guys in the midst of an election year.

For years, race pimps have been attempting to neuter the Fayetteville (NC) police department with claims of racial discrimination by patrol officers.  The last public attempt to do so fell flat on its face.  (The officers at the center of the racism accusations turned out to be black, themselves.  It’s awfully hard to claim racism when the alleged offender is black and the alleged victim is black.) 

Spineless politicians will likely fall all over themselves to appease supporters of this “study.”

Muslim groups complained about airport security screeners “unfairly targeting” Muslim-looking passengers.  (After all, there are just as many white grandmas yelling ‘Allah Akbar’ and hijacking planes.)   Thanks to that mau-mauing, we now have infants, Catholic nuns and disabled white seniors being aggressively frisked by airport security.  (Gotta appear even-handed.  Gotta keep the race pimps and their lawyers happy.) 

Leftist groups are clearly doing all they can to rile up the Democrat Party’s black voter base just in time for the first black president’s reelection fight.  Instead of aiding and abetting this dirty work, the media ought to be digging into the details of such “studies.”

For instance, I am acquainted with a number of folks who are currently employed within law enforcement.  They tell me that — in most cases — a patrol officer is not aware of a driver’s race or gender until the suspect car has been stopped, and a license plate check is being called in.  A stop is typically triggered by the vehicle’s externally-visible behavior.

Most law enforcement supervisors concentrate their patrol activities in areas of their jurisdiction that NEED the most attention.   The fact that most low-income, high crime neighborhoods are predominantly populated with blacks and Hispanics says more about the failure of The Left’s social welfare and civil rights agenda than it does about alleged police racism.  

It’s also popular among black and Hispanic youth to adopt an appearance (wardrobe, vehicles, other accessories) that suggests a thug affiliation.  So, if you’re going to drive around with tinted windows, the stereo going BOOM-BOOM-BOOM,  and a wardrobe that makes you look like a member of the Bloods or MS-13 — you shouldn’t be shocked when white people are scared of you and the police start paying closer attention to you.

A greater area of concern within the black and Hispanic communities ought to be the disturbingly high unemployment  and school dropout rates in those demographics.

It speaks volumes about the trial lawyers and their leftist cohorts that they have decided to double-down on the race-baiting instead of working with the rest of us to turn this economy around for EVERYONE.