Republican? Misspell? Misspeak? You’re Dumb. Democrat? Not so much. Probably TIRED.

dl12111Dan Quayle has been out of office for 22 years now.  But he will never live down that fateful day he spent officiating a spelling bee at a New Jersey school. Politicians at that level are conditioned to reading exactly what staff prepares for them on cue cards, speeches, and reports.  Someone decided to give Quayle a card that day with an “e” on the end of the word potato, and the rest is history.

Democrats, leftist activists, and their fellow travelers in the mainstream media yukked it up.   That fateful moment ended Quayle’s political career.  There would be no mercy for Quayle.  He was  a conservative and a Republican.  *Therefore, he is a dangerous idiot who must be stopped at all costs.*

Let’s fast-forward to 2008. where Barack Obama told us all on camera that there are 57 American states.   His staff spun the whole thing as Obama being tired, and simply slipping up during the speech.  The media said “Fine,” yawned, and moved on.  dl999In 2011, Barry-O gave us an even better geography lesson.  In a speech, he placed Hawaii IN ASIA.  You know — that place he’s FROM.  (No, not Kenya.  Hawaii. Thaaaaaaat’s right.) 

In 2012, Georgia congressman Hank Johnson (D) expressed concern that the US military might cause the island of Guam to “tip over.”  Johnson’s staff explained it all away by saying that Johnson has an ailment that affects him neurologically.  And that makes him fit to serve in Congress and help set policy affecting our economy and national security???  Apparently the mainstream media thinks so.  They yawned and moved on.  Nothing to see there.   

This year, things came full-circle as Barry-O channeled Dan Quayle by making an egregious spelling error on camera. Did the media finally brand Barry as an idiot? :

[…] After Barack Obama botched the spelling of “Respect” during the White House’s Women of Soul Event last week, the Queen of Soul herself released a statement regarding the politician’s flub. “I’m sure the President had much on his agenda and was just a little tired,” Franklin told E! News. “However, spelling and giving it, is a huge difference. The President and I are mutual when it comes to R-E-S-P-E-C-T.” […]

Yep.  TIRED.  Boy, this guy sure does get tired easily.  Perhaps this job is too much for him.  Maybe he needs to QUIT.  


3 thoughts on “Republican? Misspell? Misspeak? You’re Dumb. Democrat? Not so much. Probably TIRED.

  1. He also stated we have 54 states.Ever wonder why they keep his college grades a state secret.I attended Harvard Business School but never learned how to pronounce corpsman,Corps man.Nor many of his other odd pronunciations.Must be a Harvard College thing.It might just be me but I think he is as dumb as a box of rocks.He has no accomplishments prior to becoming President of any note.As far as I can tell he only organized a no show job for his wife and a discount lot and home from a real estate developer for himself and family.

  2. Even if he said Tea Party members must be sent to concentration camps, his faithful demonrat followers and Obama media would still yawn.

  3. My personal favorite: “We’re the country that built the Intercontinental Railroad” – Smartest President Ev’r!

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