Obama’s (and the Democrats’) problem personified





We’re getting hit by polls in the mainstream media suggesting that Obama is leading Romney, or that the race is too-close-to-call.

I had an eye-opening chat with an old friend this weekend that makes me question some of that media spin.

She is VERY apolitical.  In fact, she’s in her mid-40s and has NEVER registered to vote.

That’s changing this year.  She was telling me about her efforts the other day to go register as an unaffiliated voter:

“I really don’t know whether I’m a Republican or a Democrat.  I see good things on both sides. “

What has motivated her to make this change after 40-plus years of life?

“Obama promised that he was going to make things better when he got elected four years ago.  There has not been one single bit of positive change in this country since he took office. NOT ONE THING.  We need things to get better.  This man has GOT TO GO.  If he barely gets reelected in November, I don’t want it to be because of what I did, or did not do.”

(She’s figured this out, not by listening to Rush or reading The Haymaker, but by talking to her friends and using her eyes, ears and brain.)

THIS woman is the kind of person ol’ Barry and his friends need to save their necks in November.  Who knows whether she got her voter registration form from Organizing For America.  If she did, that was a bad investment of their time.