Amnesty is here. Time to choose.


In 1964, Ronald Reagan gave a landmark speech entitled “A Time For Choosing.” He expressed concern for the GOP AND the country.  He urged Americans to step forward and help move the country in a direction away from governmental overreach and tyranny.  It’s considered a significant benchmark in the history of the GOP, the conservative movement, and our country.  It now appears that we find ourselves in a similar environment. We can put our heads in the sand and pretend all is well, or we can stand up and say “Hell, no.”

Well, Little Barry put on his ‘big boy pants’ last night and thumbed his nose at America on national television. Things will be business as usual, since nobody has been enforcing immigration laws anyway.  But the real fear here is that Barry’s proclamation will spark a surge of new arrivals from down south.  (Remember all of the kids riding on top of those trains?)

There are a lot of people out there — believe it or not — who decline to do things that are illegal because,um, they’re illegal.   Now that there is no penalty for entering the country illegally, you’ve opened up a huge new can of worms (or chili peppers). 

We decided to turn to social media to see what the “honorables” from North Carolina were saying about Little Barry’s decree.  Once again, Walter Jones was talking a whole honkin’ lot of conservative common sense:


Unfortunately, things went way down hill once you get past him.  Richard Hudson, George Holding, and Howard Coble all were conspicuously silent on Little Barry’s decree.  With some of the others, you can tell Boehner & co. had issued talking points:







Notice a common theme, there?  They’re upset about the process, NOT the whole concept of condoning illegal behavior.  Folks seem to be concerned about Barry acting outside of The Constitution.  THAT’S pretty interesting coming from Burr. He’s just unveiled a bill he co-sponsored with Maryland’s Barbara Mikulski that dumps more money and regulation into CHILD CARE.  (Remember that child care clause that Madison and Jefferson inserted into our Founding Document?)   The Constitution also requires Congress to pass a budget, but they regularly ignore that.  

Jones has got the idea: defund AND impeach.  He’s already signed his name to a letter seeking to completely defund any effort to implement amnesty.  He’s the only from North Carolina with THE GUTS to do that. Where will the others in our delegation be standing when the heat gets turned up on this? 

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  1. Several decades ago, the British Conservative Party used the campaign slogan ”Action, Not Words” and that sums up what we expect from our Congressmen and Senators. We need concrete and forceful plans to stop the tyrant in his tracks. Elected officials who are nervous nellies about ”shutting down” the government, even when our very Constitution is under attack, have no business in public office.

    Unfortunately, we have extremely weak and vacillating ”leadership” at the top, so it is going to take a heck of a lot of pressure from underneath to force them to take action. Only Walter Jones seems up to the task. Where are the others? Those who are AWOL at this critical hour need to be primaried and removed from office in 2016.

    If the leadership fails to do its duty to stop Obama, it will leave the GOP with no political credibility and leave the field ripe for a replacement party, much as immigration is the driving force right now in the UK for the rise of the UK Independence Party and corresponding decline of the venerable Conservative Party.

      1. Interesting. GEORGE HOLDING is so irrelevant, he’s hardly ever mentioned ANYWHERE.

        Never holds a town hall; never explains a position; just sits in DC and holds fundraisers for bankers and pig farmers.

  2. When Reagan became, well after his “Time for Choosing” stance, President he provided a much higher level of amnesty than President Obama is going after. Reagan also did it with little if any time given to Congress to come up with a better solution. President Obama gave Congress over a year’s warning with time before that where all agreed it was an important item for resolution. Congress did not act and showed little interest in working on this issue. President Obama exercised his leadership and commitment to take steps to resolve certain parts of the situations that many people (citizens and non-citizens) find themselves in.
    Despite the myth that the major media are in the Democrat’s pocket, this address was NOT widely broadcast live as was requested. Something this important was ignored by the major networks outside of the daily news broadcasts.

    1. President Reagan agreed to Congress’ proposal that was supposed to include both border security and amnesty, although Congress later welched on the first part. This was NOT a Reagan initiative. According to one of his closest associates, Reagan later said that signing that 1986 amnesty bill was the worst mistake of his presidency.

      Since then, we have seen from the 1986 example that giving amnesty just encourages a lot more illegals to pour in, so it is horrible policy.

      An ultimatum to enact policy that an executive demands is NOT the way a democracy functions. It is the way a dictatorship functions, especially when the executive then assumes power he does not have, and has even admitted he did not have, to attempt to unilaterally change the law. That is nothing more or less than a tyrannical act, and the executive who does it is a tyrant.

        1. Are you just dense? President Reagan signed Congressional legislation. Papa Doc Obama issued a unilateral decree which he had no legal authority to do.
          Signing legislation is not tyrannical but abuse of power very much is. It was not long ago that Obama himself admitted he did not have that power, yet he snatched it. Preservation of our democracy demands that Congress take whatever action is necessary to be sure than power grab does not stand. This is America’s Reichstag Fire event.

          1. Our illegal immigrant population reached its peak in the Bush years (around ’07) and has been going down since President Obama’s been in office. President Obama has deported more illegal immigrants than any modern President. Still Congress has been complaining that he is not doing enough yet they will not send him a reform bill. President Obama is leading when nobody else will.

          2. Dictators always say they are leading. Mussolini said he made the trains run on time.

            Giving pushy linejumping Mexican lawbreakers a racial preference over those who apply properly from many ethnic groups and lawfully remain in their own country when they are turned down instead of invading ours is an outrage to those who obey the law.

            There are needed reforms like ending the insanity of giving citizenship by place of birth alone and the chain migration provisions, but what Obama has done is only to reward lawbreaking which is an affront to the rule of law.

            If we need immigrants, the availible places should go to those who apply lawfully, not to those who thumb their noses at our laws and sneak in.

          1. Illegal immigrant numbers rose during the bubble as the economy grew (at least, on paper) – then left as the economy dropped and has stagnanted.

            Last time I checked, no modern President’s term has deported a significant number of illegal immigrants. If you look at the numbers deported vs suspected population size, it’s just miniscule nothingness… not to mention how widely publicized it’s been on how the Obama administration manipulated the numbers in who and how many deportations were recorded (Even with that effort, the numbers are still sad shades of what they “should” be and not that far off from previous Presidents).

            Also… the President doesnt get to just go in and “lead” by usurping another branch’s powers just because he doesnt like how they’re using or not using it.

            His “actual” job involves (1) carry out the laws Congress passes and (2) use his office’s bully pulpit position, to convince the people and Congress what actions he thinks Congress should follow, and why.

            Obama doesnt seem all that concerned with either of those.

    2. Obama’s speech WAS widely broadcast. In spite of earlier information to the contrary, all 3 major networks carried the speech, as well as PBS, CSPAN, CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News, among others!

    3. If I were here, illegally, and “in the shadows,” and I saw the way the lawless Obama abuses legal American citizens and anyone who opposes him, I would conclude that it’s smarter to STAY in the shadows.

      Obama can’t save you, amigos, even if he wanted to — which he doesn’t. You are only his latest useful tool. Obama is weak, stale salsa. He and his heap of freshly-voted-out leftists will be relegated (legally, of course) to the worms in America’s backyard compost pile. Because, this wasn’t just an election, you see; it was a restraining order on Obama and the left.

      @ JBP and jr cooper ~ you two are selling your birthright for a tiny bowl of watery pozole — and the chips are rancid, too.

      Shame on you for giving that pompous quack any standing in America.

  3. Raphael for President
    Brant Clifton for Vice President
    Ham Biscuit for Secretary of State
    I’ll take Secretary of Defense.

    1. And sadly, that is likely to make him a target again for the Washington beltway elite, like he was last election. The political hack they sent down here from DC to challenge him is still maintaining a nominal residence in New Bern.

  4. And then Congress went home for Christmas.

    By the time they get back to town amnesty will be long forgotten. I think the timing works well for both Obama and the GOP.

    Over the holidays we will all eat at a Mexican Restaurant and then be willing to move on to the next item on the agenda. Surely there will be some moaning and groaning, some wailing and gnashing of teeth. But it the end the GOP will say there was nothing we could do.

    Enjoy the chicken fajitas. Why are the restaurant chips so good? They are warm and the salsa dip is just right.

    1. You have perfected the art of trolling, haven’t you?

      Ask David Cameron if the immigration issue goes away. Or ask the ”mainstream” French political parties, now that the National Front is leading in the polls for the next presidential race. It just keeps getting stronger and stronger, as we saw a couple of days ago at Rochester and Strood. And it will bite McConnell and Boehner in the ass before it is over.

      1. Britain and France are across the ocean.

        Just wait and see. By the time 2014 rolls around the amnesty issue will be long forgotten.

        The establishment Republicans favor amnesty because it will be good for business. There will be a few that call for impeaching Obama but we all know that is a dumb move.

        Truth and reality kill a troll every time.

        1. What is happening in Great Britain *is* interesting.

          The UKIP is shaking up old allegences within the other parties. The Liberal Democrats appear to be imploding and getting fewer votes than the Greens in these by-elections. Everyone assumed at first UKIP would take from the Conservatives (Tories) but they appear to be making major inroads with Labor voters too.

          My expectation is we’ll see UKIP take a significant number of seats in the next parliamentary elections. They’re still a youn party and will come in 2nd or 3rd. But the result will likely cause the separations between the blocs in LibLabCon to blue further. They’ll do whatever they have to in order to patch together a ruling coalition, and UKIP will become the “opposition”.

          1. UKIP actually came in first place in the only nationwide election held in the UK this year, for the UK seats in the EU parliament, and it was the first time in over a century that any party other than Labour on Conservatives had done so in a nationwide election. The Conservative Party was pushed into third place, the first time in its centuries long history that it had come in other than first or second.

            There are many in the Conservative Party who, given the choices, would do a deal with UKIP long before they would with Labour. Of course, they would likely have to ditch Cameron first, but I think a deal could be done with London major Boris Johnson, who will be going back into Parliament next election. The protestant parties in Northern Ireland probably would, too.

            Getting out of the EU was long UKIP’s signature issue, but in the last couple of years, it has been immigration that has fueled their rise in British politics.

  5. What is happening in Australia is also interesting. Conservative Prime Minister Tony Abbott pledged in the last election to secure their border from the thousands of illegal alien boat people coming in from Indonesia, and using high tech drones and Australia’s military, he has done it:

    There is no reason the United States, if it decided to do so, could not secure its southern border. It is a crime against our citizens that our politicians have failed to do so.

  6. The Republicans controlled both Houses of Congress and the White House from 2000 – 2006 and made no effort to control the borders or increase enforcement. That says it all.

    1. A border fence was funded and parts of it built, but was not finished or anything close. Republicans do have Fifth Columnists within our ranks on this issue, and we will have to watch our ”leadership” like hawks to make sure they do not go down that path. If they do, then it is UKIP time in America.

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