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Leaked email, UNC BOG nominations cause problems for NCGOP, bumps in the road for Senator-in-Waiting

      For years, the UNC Board of Governors has been known as a popular destination for political cronies seeking patronage payoffs.   Though, recent scandals within the university system had prompted state Republicans to talk up the idea of shaking the place up….

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Another Moral Monday, MORE media malpractice

McClatchy-Raleigh breathlessly reported on the addition of “youth speakers” to Bill Barber’s weekly freak show on the Halifax Mall.  The leader of the youth speakers, quoted by McClatchy, was a young man named William Barber III.    Hmmm.  Rev. William Barber II and William Barber…

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McClatchy Rob: Phil Berger’s embrace of lower taxes, smaller govt betrays his working class roots

      Rob “Mr. Politics” Christensen — who has spent THREE decades at The N&O missing stuff like John Edwards’s blonde with the camera, Mike Easley’s corruption, and Dennis Wicker stiffing a pizza guy — thinks he has the state Senate’s president pro tem…

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Thanks to McClatchy, Rural Center biting the dust. (But why stop there?)

It sounds odd to hear me praising McClatchy, but they’ve done some bang-up work pointing out the waste in the NC Rural Center and making a case for its closure.  It’s too bad the conservative revolution in Raleigh didn’t beat them to the punch.  …

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So THIS is what the underside of the bus looks like

An awful lot of us on the right worked hard to get Pat McCrory into the governor’s mansion in Raleigh.  There was  a lot of excitement in 2012 about the potential for fundamental change a GOP majority and GOP governor could bring to state government….

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(Moral?) Monday: SEANC leader steps off liberal plantation and into the line of fire on Twitter

      The alleged North Carolina mainstream media STILL isn’t reporting the State Employees Association of North Carolina’s opposition to Bill Barber’s Moral Monday nonsense. They applaud SEANC leader Dana Cope when he bashes Dan Forest and Richard Burr.  But if he dares to…

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Stupid NC Media Cartel: Bill Barber = MLK

    The lies have been flying fast and furious regarding Bill Barber’s Moral Monday nonsense at the legislative building.  The mainstream media has bent over backwards to hide the fact that the whole thing is being orchestrated by professional, veteran left-wing agitators with a…

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The state budget impasse: It’s ALL Pat’s fault !!!

It’s amazing.  Bill Barber, Chris Fitzsimon, and their echo chambers at McClatchy and WRAL have been trying to sell us that a hard-right revolution is sweeping through Raleigh — making school kids dumber, taking food out of senior citizens’ mouths.     THAT kind of…

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Some needed corrections for The NC Department of Corrections

State Senator Thom Goolsby (R-Wilmington) has pointed out something that should have all Tar Heel State residents concerned: There are 149 convicted criminals who are supposed to be serving their time in North Carolina prisons, but get to go home for weekend visits. These defendants…

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Continuing Resolution: Leadership #FAIL for GOP in Raleigh

The NCGOP has supermajorities in both chambers of the General Assembly.  The Democrats can’t stop a thing.  (They’re all out in the lobby getting ziptied with Bill Barber.)  The NCGOP has the governor AND the lieutenant governor.  Yet, the legislature won’t have a budget agreement…