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#NCGA: The abortion motorcycle rides again. (Um, sort of.)

There’s a rather, um, neat trick perpetrated on Jones Street, Capitol Hill, and in legislative bodies all over the country. Find an issue that the chamber is split on, and combine it with another issue the chamber is split on.  Make it all one big…

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#NCGA: McCrory blasts Senate for respecting state constitution & concept of balanced budgets

The North Carolina constitution requires a balanced budget.  Gov. Pat and Speaker Thom got together and submitted a revised budget plan that does not balance. Speaker Thom whipped his troops into shape and passed his deal with the governor through the House. The Senate sent…

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The Monkey Business Report: Cabarrus County edition

Once again, we’re talking about state Senator Fletcher Hartsell (RINO-Cabarrus) being found in the middle of something that — by all appearances — looks really, really sneaky. In Cabarrus County, there is a bloody civil war within the local Republican Party between grassroots, Tea Party…

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A NCGA-Gov office “family feud”?

The drive-by media and the Moral Monday bunch are working overtime to try and tell us how Gov. McCrory and his fellow Republicans in the General Assembly are working hand-in-glove to deregulate North Carolina, feed grandma dog food, kick her to the curb, etc. etc….

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VIP’s DeLancy: OKing ballots from dead folks NOT COOL

We posted earlier about a bill — inspired by Mark Harris’ late father — allowing ballots cast early by people who die before the actual election day to be counted.  House speaker Thom Tillis — and two other GOP legislators — introduced the bill.  Jay…

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#NCGA: From BAD to WORSE on film incentives

There has been a steady drumbeat over the years to end the strategy of subsidies and tax incentives in economic development.  Critics suggest — rightly so — that states will benefit much more from across-the-board tax cuts and deregulation than they will from taxpayer-funded goodies…

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Are Bill Barber & The NCDP writing N&O headlines, now?

Hmmm.  Misleading information in the N&O.  I know, I know.  What else is new?  But today’s edition really takes the cake.  The headline on the lead story this morning on the Raleigh Rag’s web site read: Senate budget would cut elderly, blind and disabled from Medicaid…

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#NCGA: Skip Stam endorses toll roads

State House speaker Pro Tem Skip Stam has posted an endorsement of toll roads on his official site — which still IDs him as the “North Carolina House Republican Leader”.  The endorsement language on his site matches the talking points we got in a group…

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#NCGA: Senate bill exempts temp foreign workers from state income tax withholding

The state of North Carolina has a more than $400 million revenue shortfall. The honorables on Jones Street are moaning about how they don’t have the money to give teachers raises or improve our roads.  Yet, a bill is under consideration in the Senate to…

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#NCGA: Bill in House lays groundwork for more P3s and toll roads

Today’s House calendar includes a little nugget introduced by Rep. Frank Iler (R) with the innocuous label of HB 1126: “DOT Partnerships with Private Developers.” Here’s the text: A BILL TO BE ENTITLED 2 AN ACT TO REENACT THE AUTHORIZATION FOR THE DEPARTMENT OF 3…