#NCGA: Skip Stam endorses toll roads

stamState House speaker Pro Tem Skip Stam has posted an endorsement of toll roads on his official site — which still IDs him as the “North Carolina House Republican Leader”.  The endorsement language on his site matches the talking points we got in a group email, originating from his law firm account, that we got our hands on a few weeks back.

Stam joins speaker Thom Tillis in supporting a concept that is unequivocally denounced in the most recent version of the North Carolina Republican Party platform. Though, we have received word that a Raleigh-led effort to strip the anti-toll language from the party platform is underway.  payup

Apparently, Republican House leaders have abandoned the concept of trimming the bureaucracy and putting money back into people’s pockets.  The ‘conservative revolution’ — with its toll roads and excise taxes — appears intent on giving us a lot more Black-Basnight business-as-usual.

Public-private partnerships on toll roads like those advocated by Stam, Tillis & co. rarely pay for themselves.  The taxpayers almost always end up having to bail these messes out — often at a much higher price than what it would have cost for the state to have built or expanded the road outright. 

13 thoughts on “#NCGA: Skip Stam endorses toll roads

  1. This is yet more proof that Paul “Skip” Stam lacks integrity. Stam did not run promising to expand toll roads in NC and support HOT lanes. Stam and Tillis are both cowards who refuse to publicize their true globalist agenda. Both Stam and Tillis should be censured by the NCGOP for openly violating the state platform. The 2013 NC GOP platform under Article 2 [The Economy] section 8 reads, “We oppose any plans for, or legislation in favor of, High Occupancy Toll (HOT) Lanes”. http://paradshift.net/2014/05/12/nc-senate-race-2014-a-classic-example-of-false-choices/

    1. Rocco wrote above:

      “Stam and Tillis are both cowards who refuse to publicize their true globalist agenda.”

      What exactly is the globalist agenda of Stam and Tillis?

      And what is a globalist agenda in the first place? Is it the same thing as the One World Government or New World Order?

      Is this the stuff they talk about at the Bilderberg Conference?

    2. Tillis and Stam are both Big Government Republicans, Tillis because he has no ideological compass and instead chases power for power’s sake and campaign money and will sell his soul for either, and Stam because he is a one trick pony on abortion and has never seemed to care about or understand any other issue. There is an old saying in politics that when you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything, and I guess that includes toll roads.

    3. Lay off these Obama Republicans, Stam and Tillis! Obama said he would give them a little of something if they went along with the scam. C’mon these guys are trying to make a decent living at this game of legis-latin’!

  2. What are these big spenders doing with our gas tax money? They will never have enough to satisfy their urges.

  3. I think one of the posters in this thread hit the nail on the head:


    Skippy Stam is one of those pro-lifers who is so wound up in that one issue that he does not care about or understand any other issue, so he is all over the landscape. He needs to be replaced by a full spectrum conservative.

    Stam has always been at odds with the Tea Party. The Tea Party should have targeted him in this year’s primary. Hopefully they will do so next time around.

    1. Stam is also a typical fraud when it comes to protecting life in the womb. NC can nullify and interpose against Roe vs Wade and make abortion illegal in NC. Stam like many other GOP frauds refuses to do so – he uses the rhetoric of pro life but refuses to stop abortion.

  4. Skippy Stamm is no conservative and never has been. He voted for tax increases last year and this year that cost NC small businesses and families thousands.

    I wonder how RINO democrat supporter, Dr. Joan Perry, recently got on the board of governors. She and her husband, Jimbo Perry, did a commercial in 2012 for “their good friend” democrat congressman Mike McIntyre against David Rouzer. Maybe she got on the board because her husband, Jimbo, is one of Skippy’s good friends and Skippy’s former boss.

  5. The Moral Monday crowd say that Tillis is a right wing extremist.

    The true right wing extremists say that Tillis is a liberal.

    Seems to me Tillis right where he needs to be to appeal to the more rational voters.

    1. Heck, to the Marxists of the Moron Monday crowd, Harry Reid is probably a right wing extremist.

  6. Hey Jr. Cooper, your observation leaves Thommy Thillis with too few votes to win. The democrats will be voting for Hagan and the conservatives will either stay away from that race, vote third party or vote Hagan. In the end Thommy Thillis will be going home to Lake Norman, Florida, Maryland or what ever rock he crawled out from under. Watching Thommy Thillis crash and burn on election night will be worthy of a cold one. This year will be the first time I vote for a democrat for us senate.

    1. You analysis is spot on. Kay has much more money that Thom and recent elections have favored female candidates. The biggest factor of course is that Kay has no baggage. In a race against Tillis no one can claim Kay to be a liberal.

      What do you see Kay winning by?

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