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#ncpol: He’s a Toll Man!

Jim Trogdon LOVES him some tolls.  He pushed for toll roads during the Perdue administration AND early in the McCrory administration.  Roy Cooper is bringing him back for some more as head of the state Department of Transportation.  That HAS to leave a sour taste…

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#ncgov: So, it’s ROY COOPER’S FAULT ????

[Verse] Nobody’s fault but mine [X2] Trying to save my soul tonight It’s nobody’s fault but mine Devil he told me to roll [X2] How to roll the log tonight Nobody’s fault but mine Brother he showed me the gong Brother he showed me the…

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Here, Charlotte. Have some MORE tolls!

The folks in North Mecklenburg County protesting tolls  have been dismissed by establishment types for allegedly getting upset over a one-time thing.  Well, surprise, surprise.  Charlotte and Mecklenburg County are getting tolled AGAIN by their “favorite son” governor and speaker US Senator: While a debate…

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#ncpol: Texas toll experience shoots holes in #ncga, McCrory admin spin

The day after the election, a Charlotte TV station went down to Texas to check out a toll project run by the same Spanish firm slated to take over the expansion of Mecklenburg County’s I-77.  Charlotte area residents — and likely others across North Carolina…

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Spanish toll co. set to run North Meck’s I-77 goes BANKRUPT running Indiana road

GOP leaders from Thom Tillis to Skip Stam to Pat McCrory have bent over backwards to tell us what a great idea privately-managed toll roads are. Yet, events in Indiana last week should serve as a dire warning for North Carolinians:  The debt-stricken operator of…

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#NCSEN: What’s that? The OTHER shoe dropping?

We’ve reported extensively on the interesting timing of certain people giving money to Thom Tillis’s Senate campaign and his vocal support of issues those donors care about.  We had Tillis voicing support for film incentives, and then — within days — had folks tied to…

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Bribes for Tolls?

There’s been quite a public uproar about toll roads being established in the Charlotte area.  Yet, government officials in the areas most affected by the proposed tolls are enthusiastically backing the idea of toll roads.  Why would they be so unabashed in their support of…

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Thom Thillis Tholl Roads whipping up quite a thempest among Mecklenburg pols

We’ve written extensively about the controversy surrounding the hiring of a Spanish contractor to “manage” lanes on the soon-to-be widened section of I-77 in Northern Mecklenburg County.  State House speaker and Mecklenburg County resident Thom Tillis has been a passionate supporter of the deal.  Gov….

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#NCGA: Skip Stam hits the road in support of tolls

State legislator Skip Stam (R), the speaker pro tem and a close ally of speaker / US senator wannabe Thom Tillis, is hitting the rubber chicken circuit to sermonize on the brilliance and necessity he sees in toll roads. We’re already paying one of the…

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‘Who Knows?’ Big questions still linger about the price tag for Tillis Tholl Roads

Thom Tillis pushed approval for privately-managed toll roads through the North Carolina House despite objections from NCGOP grassroots leaders.   Skip Stam has endorsed the idea.  Gov. Pat McCrory has instructed his DOT board to look at toll roads as a serious statewide instrument for…