Here, Charlotte. Have some MORE tolls!

payupThe folks in North Mecklenburg County protesting tolls  have been dismissed by establishment types for allegedly getting upset over a one-time thing.  Well, surprise, surprise.  Charlotte and Mecklenburg County are getting tolled AGAIN by their “favorite son” governor and speaker US Senator:

While a debate has raged over whether toll lanes should be built on Interstate 77 in north Mecklenburg, the N.C. Department of Transportation has been quietly planning to bring toll lanes to Independence Boulevard, possibly by the end of 2016.

Like the lanes planned for I-77, the Independence toll lanes would use variable pricing in an effort to maintain a speed of 45 mph. If more people want to use the lanes, the price of the high-occupancy toll lanes – or HOT lanes – would increase.

The lanes would be built on an existing busway from I-277 to Albemarle Road and then continue to Wallace Lane as part of a widening project that’s currently underway on U.S. 74.

Because the busway already exists, the state estimates the toll-lane conversion can be done relatively inexpensively, for $13 million.

“It’s basically a retrofit,” said Scott Cole, deputy division engineer with N.C. DOT.

Although the idea of placing tolls on Independence has been mentioned for years, widespread opposition has not emerged, unlike the toll for I-77.

“We haven’t had a lot of resistance” from residents, Cole said. “We are looking to embark on a public information effort and a public outreach effort early next year.”

The I-77 project is projected to be finished by 2019. But if the Independence Boulevard project moves forward, Charlotte-area drivers may already be using the NC Quick Pass, electronic transponders mounted to windshields. The Quick Pass is already in use for the Triangle Expressway in Wake County.shake

The state eventually plans to add electronic tolling on I-485 in south Charlotte and I-77 in south Charlotte. The toll lanes also could be extended on U.S. 74 all the way to Matthews.

Under the state’s plans, there would be three entrance and exit points for the toll lanes on Independence Boulevard. Drivers could get on or off at I-277, Albemarle Road and Wallace Lane.

The lanes would be reversible and sealed by gates. In the morning, they would be used for inbound traffic and then switched for outbound traffic in the afternoon. During off-peak times, the lanes would be closed.

That’s different from the I-77 project, where the toll lanes are projected to always be open, though with a lower price during off-peak times.

Charlotte Area Transit System buses would continue to use the Independence toll lanes for free. Cole said the state hasn’t decided whether vehicles with three or more passengers could use the lanes for free, which will be the case on I-77 in north Mecklenburg.

City Council member John Autry, who represents east Charlotte, said he is disappointed the state hasn’t made a commitment to allow two-person carpools to use the lanes for free. When Autry was asked whether he would prefer the busway be converted to general purpose lanes instead of toll lanes, he declined to answer.

“That’s not my decision,” he said.

The I-77 north project will be managed under a 50-year contract by Cintra Infraestructuras S.A., a subsidiary of Spanish infrastructure developer Ferrovial. The firm will design and build the toll lanes in a $655 million project.

N.C. DOT plans to handle the Independence Boulevard project in-house.

After the Independence project opens in 2016 or early 2017, and the I-77 toll lanes open in 2019, the state plans to open a third toll lane project on I-485 south.

The DOT plans to start widening the outerbelt from Rea Road to U.S. 74 starting in 2018. As part of that project, the state would add toll lanes across the entire southern leg of the outerbelt, from I-77 to U.S. 74.

No one has been frog-marched away in handcuffs for robbing the highway trust fund. (They’re still paying for a lot of stuff out of the highway fund that has little to no relevance to road maintenance or construction.)  We’ve still got one of the highest gas taxes in the nation.  Instead of taking responsibility for this financial mismanagement, the state is going to dip into your wallet ONE MORE TIME.

A lot of this is pure statism.  A lot of it is forced behavioral modification — putting us all in buses to please the enviro-nazis. Despite the lies from the bureaucrats and politicians, there is NOT ONE example of where a toll road has paid for itself. They jack up the cost of driving  — further increasing the overall cost of living.

We’re getting played, people.  We’re getting robbed.  You can put your hands up, and cooperate, or you can stand up for yourself. 

4 thoughts on “Here, Charlotte. Have some MORE tolls!

  1. You kind of get the idea that these Republican$ are not really the good guys looking out for us they portrayed to be, but the bad guy$ that are out to hurt U$. They said they would be there for U$ during election time. Hey guys, hey remember us we like gave you campaign contributuions and helped get you elected…..guys, hey guys…..we’re pals remember, go BIG R, rah rah rah, remember……guys…………..

  2. It’s also worth noting that McCrory’s Transportation ‘Vision25’ plan includes this:

    Strengthen Highway Connectivity from Mountains to Coast

    Improve U.S. 74 to interstate standards from Asheville to Charlotte and from Charlotte to Wilmington to improve freight movements and in-state access to the Port of Wilmington.

    If/when they “improve” US 74 to interstate standards, does anyone doubt they will do it without privatized tolling? The only “alternative funding” mechanism cited is “Public Private Partnerships” and “innovative managed lanes”

    Independence Blvd. is the part of US 74 that cuts through Charlotte. The spot where US 74 intersects with I-485 (also due to be tolled in the near future), is in William Brawley’s Matthews district. If US 74 is brought to interstate standards, it will likely divert around Charlotte on I-485, at that spot, with tolls in all four directions. (Lots of pork and goodies will go along with that “improved” intersection, I’m guessin’…)

    Nothing but tolls from here on out, ladies and gents. Thanks, Tillis, McCrory, Brawley, and all other ALEC acolytes. Mission accomplished.

  3. So the point this NCDOT, expand the government in any way shill made caused me to laugh out loud. It was something along the lines of….”We haven’t done much to communicate our plans to put a massive tax on people who drive on Independence Blvd and once we get the deal done we expect people will be very angry….but who cares.”

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