Give him a free ride in 2012. He burns you in 2013.

cooperImagine if you retained an attorney to defend you in court.  Then, imagine that your attorney was running around town telling people he thinks you’re guilty as hell.  A run-of-the-mill attorney would get jacked up by the Bar Association.  If you’re Roy Cooper, North Carolina’s attorney general, you get warm-fuzzy press coverage and cooing about your viability as a candidate for governor in 2016. 

The ACLU and other leftists have threatened to sue over voter photo ID legislation that passed the North Carolina General Assembly this past session.  If the suit happens, the state would be defended by the attorney general — its legal counsel.

Cooper is circulating a demagogic letter blasting the photo ID legislation and calling on people to sign a petition against it.  After doing this, HOW do you stand up in court and defend the state’s position on the legislation?  

The General Assembly has made a good move by giving itself standing in any potential court proceedings regarding the legislation.  THAT means — if a lawsuit gets filed — we’ll have to pay for a set of attorneys to come in and defend the legislation. Even though we are already paying for Roy Cooper and his staff to serve as our lawyers. But at least we — and the legislation — will get a legitimate, sincere defense. 


6 thoughts on “Give him a free ride in 2012. He burns you in 2013.

  1. The Attorney General has a duty to defend our laws. His behavior is an outrage. 70% of North Carolinians support voter ID according to the polls. The US Supreme Court has said it is Constitutional. Most countries in the world have used photo voter ID for years and would laugh at the stupid scalawags like Cooper who oppose it.

    Voter ID helps stop voter fraud. We remember that Cooper did NOTHING when ACORN was involved in fraudulent voter registration in our state. Now he actively opposes the most important measure to stop voter fraud? It looks to me like sleazebag Roy Cooper is a supporter of voter fraud.

    The only demographics that are ”suppressed” by a Voter ID law are 1) the deceased voters, and 2) the fictitious voters (a la ACORN). Those groups may give a lot of votes to Democrats, but for the sake of honest elections, they need to be suppressed.

    Our legislature needs to look at impeaching Cooper and removing him from office.

    The Robin Hayes regime at NCGOP committed political malpractice in failing to recruit an opponent to Cooper. Having observed the way Hayes operating, that was probably an insider deal to give Cooper a free ride.

    I am glad to see Claude Pope out with a press release on this subject. I suspect that a press conference might get more coverage, but a press release is a start.

  2. The NC GOP did not even run a candidate against Roy Cooper in 2012. When I asked then Wake County GOP Chair Susan Bryant why, she said no Republican could be found in NC who wanted to run against Roy Cooper. Yeah, right.

  3. Robin Hayes was full bore – a full bore idiot.

    Besides the Beaufort County board of elections debacle, the Tampa video, poorly functioning website and e-mails here in the age of information, you get the Roy Cooper inside job.

    I’m tired of functional stupids running the NC GOP, and Hayes was not the first. It makes one wonder: Would we be better off without the state party. That was the
    question of Dine Rufino’s rant in BCN today:

  4. I think Ol’ Roy is showing that he is a Democrat first, a lawyer second and an Attorney General third. Easley must be proud.

  5. It’s time for our Governor to step up and remind Cooper who is governor. Let’s make Cooper spend his campaign funds. Some well designed commercials would make Cooper look like an idiot.

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