Give him a free ride in 2012. He burns you in 2013.

cooperImagine if you retained an attorney to defend you in court.  Then, imagine that your attorney was running around town telling people he thinks you’re guilty as hell.  A run-of-the-mill attorney would get jacked up by the Bar Association.  If you’re Roy Cooper, North Carolina’s attorney general, you get warm-fuzzy press coverage and cooing about your viability as a candidate for governor in 2016. 

The ACLU and other leftists have threatened to sue over voter photo ID legislation that passed the North Carolina General Assembly this past session.  If the suit happens, the state would be defended by the attorney general — its legal counsel.

Cooper is circulating a demagogic letter blasting the photo ID legislation and calling on people to sign a petition against it.  After doing this, HOW do you stand up in court and defend the state’s position on the legislation?  

The General Assembly has made a good move by giving itself standing in any potential court proceedings regarding the legislation.  THAT means — if a lawsuit gets filed — we’ll have to pay for a set of attorneys to come in and defend the legislation. Even though we are already paying for Roy Cooper and his staff to serve as our lawyers. But at least we — and the legislation — will get a legitimate, sincere defense.