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What? Six — almost seven — years is NOT ENOUGH ????

All kinds of stuff is trickling out into the driveby media, from gutless Republican career politicians, about anxiety over repealing ObamaCare. Richard Hudson told us he talked to 12,000 people on the phone and they were all “freaked out” over losing their ObamaCare. These yo-yos…

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#ncpol: Hudson out front in GOPe foot-dragging on ObamaCare repeal, healthcare dereg

How much “listening” do you have to do to understand what the American people want you to do with ObamaCare? We gave Republicans majorities in Congress with explicit instructions to deep-six that stinking pile of poop.  Yet, we’ve had little more than excuses from them….

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US Senate GOPers raise federal debt $9 trillion as part of ObamaCare repeal

Yes.  You read that right.   I had to do a double and triple-take myself.  WHAT in the blue blazes does one have to do with the other?  Here’s McClatchy — a leader in the fake news industry — trying to explain it to us:…

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Have some MORE Medicaid! (The kids and grandkids will be picking up the bill.)

He won the governor’s race in the middle of the night by the hair of his chinny chin chin. But Roy Cooper has put the pedal to the metal in an all out race to the far-left lane that has Rob Schofield and Chris Fitzsimon…

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WHY can’t the GOP trust the market on health care?

The Republican Party’s platform at the national and state level talks oh so nice about appreciating the free market.  But a lot of that doesn’t mesh with the rhetoric coming out of DC Republican leaders’ mouths.  In about three weeks, they will control both ends…

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ObamaCare and the GOPe: Failing North Carolina AND America

In 2010, the GOP got a bunch of new elected soldiers with the mission of staging a full-frontal assault on ObamaCare.  After the election, we got a whole lot of inaction and whining about how nothing can be done with a Democrat Senate and president….

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#ncpol: CYA, DC-style.

Folks in flyover country are ANGRY.  Raleigh knows it.  And, apparently, DC has figured it out, too. The GOP-controlled House pushed through a bill they claimed repealed ObamaCare and defunded Planned Parenthood.  Never mind that a big chunk of Republicans JUST voted for an omnibus…

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#ncpol: Who voted to keep funding ObamaCare? THESE GUYS !!!!

We’ve got all kinds of incumbent congressional critters running around claiming they struck a fatal blow to ObamaCare.  We’ve got information that says OTHERWISE.  On October 23, the GOP-CONTROLLED HOUSE  took an interesting vote:  The Restoring Americans’ Healthcare Freedom Reconciliation Act (H.R. 3762) would not…

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The omnibus: Bleeding us dry. Lying to our faces. Killing our country.

It’s $1.1 trillion dollars.  It’s 2009 pages.  It was written by FOUR lawmakers and a bunch of lobbyists.   Politicians like Renee Ellmers want to sell it as a great “tax cut”’ package.  (But there are credits, not cuts. And ObamaCare-related taxes are postponed a…

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Piddling while America is ”rewritten” and “remade”

In 1973, we discovered — thanks to The Supreme Court — that we have a “right” to abortion.  In the last week, we’ve learned that we have a “right” to subsidized health care and a “right” to same-sex marriage.   We also learned that the feds…